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Adept English Podcasts Explained

In this podcast, I’m going to talk about the Adept English podcasts. I will explain why our lessons are so popular, why they help you so much and why they are as random as they are!

Lots of people all over the world are busy learning to speak English with a goal of learning to speak English fluently. Today I’m going to explain how and why our English language podcast lessons can help you if you are one of those people.

If you are learning English as a foreign language, then you may know that there are many online resources available, but the quality and consistency vary a lot. You need great English lessons being produced reliably every week to help you learn the language. That’s exactly what we do and have been doing here at Adept English for years.

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Questions You Might Have...

  1. What's the benefit of listening to this podcast for my English learning? Listening to this podcast will improve your English fluency. It will help you transition from simply knowing English to actually understanding and speaking it. It's an immersive experience, much like real-life conversation.
  2. What does 'seasoned' mean in this context 'Seasoned' here refers to someone with a lot of experience. In this podcast, the aim is to make you a 'seasoned' listener and speaker of English.
  3. How will my understanding of English become automatic through listening The more you listen, the more your brain will get accustomed to the sounds, rhythm, and patterns of English. This makes comprehension become more automatic over time.
  4. Will there be help if I don't understand some words Absolutely! Difficult words will be explained, spelled out, and contextualized, making them easier for you to understand and remember.
  5. What if I'm not interested in the topic being discussed in the podcast? Variety is key in these podcasts. If one topic doesn't spark your interest, there are many other topics to choose from. The idea is to keep you engaged and motivated to learn.

Most Unusual Words:

  • Journey: A trip from one place to another.
  • Millions: A very big number, equal to 1,000,000 (one followed by six zeros).
  • Seasoned: Having a lot of experience with something.
  • Motivated: Wanting to do something because you have a strong interest.
  • Neuroscience: The study of the brain and how it works.
  • Psychology: The study of how people think, feel, and behave.

Most common 3 word phrases:

English Language Learning2
Get Stuck At2
That You Can2
A Seasoned Driver2
A Lot Of2
People Get Stuck2
Lots Of People2
They Need To2

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Transcript: Great Resources To Help You Study English By Yourself

Hi there. Today I'm going to talk to you about Adept English podcasts! I'm actually gonna talk about the podcast and its aim, its purpose and the part it may play in your English language learning journey. Lots of people all around the world are in a process of learning English and would like to speak English fluently.

Millions of people do speak English as a foreign language. And one of the statistics that I find absolutely amazing every time I think about it - there are more people who speak English as a foreign language than there are native speakers of English. I find that amazing!

So there are lots of people speaking English as a foreign language or as a second or third language. English is taught in lots of schools in lots of countries, all around the world. Many of the people who listen to Adept English first learned English in school. School gives you a good grounding in language. You probably know quite a bit of grammar. You have probably quite good vocabulary. You know how the language works. The problem is with that sort of learning that you can get stuck at the point of having 'a knowledge of English', but not being able to understand native speakers and not being able to speak fluently yourself. I think a lot of people get stuck at this place in their language learning.

We have a word in English, an adjective - 'seasoned', S E A S O N E D. Now, if you hear about food being 'seasoned', it probably means that you've put salt and pepper on it. That's not the meaning that I'm talking about here.

Listening Lessons

If you talk about someone who is a 'seasoned traveller', it means that they have a lot of experience of travelling. They've met a number of different situations and they've learned how to deal with them. They've 'practised travelling', if you like.

The word 'seasoned' - you might use it about someone being 'a seasoned driver'. If you think about someone who's just passed their driving test, they're good enough to pass the test or hopefully they are, but they don't have much experience. They're not 'a seasoned driver'. So what do they need to to improve, to become 'seasoned'? They need to drive.

And what do you need to do in order to become fluent in English? Well, the best thing to do is to listen! So we provide you with lots of English language learning material. That's why we're here. And our aim is to move your academic understanding of English towards more fluency, because that's where people get stuck.

We aim to make you 'a seasoned listener', and ' seasoned understander' of English, and then speaking English fluently is much easier. So we give you English language, listening material at a level that you can understand. And if there's any words that I feel are more difficult, I'll explain them. I spell them out and I give you an explanation of the word to make it a little easier.

And as you listen to Adept English, a little miracle starts to occur in your brain! Some of your understanding starts to become more automatic. You don't have to think about it - and much more, if you are interested in the topic that I'm talking about, if you're interested in what you're listening to. So my aim is also to provide you with interesting English language listening material. That way you'll be able to do more listening because you'll be more motivated.


Graphic art of an amazing stained glass window. You've come to the right place if you want to learn English by yourself. We're going to teach you how to speak English easily without any special classes!

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So I do talk about English grammar and vocabulary and idioms and the mechanics of the English language - sometimes. But more often, I try to find topics that I think you might be interested in. Sometimes I talk about neuroscience and psychology and the brain and mental health. Sometimes I talk about physical health. Sometimes I talk about the environment and sometimes it's just what's on the news, or it will be something that I've read about in the previous week that I found myself interested in and wanted to share with you. Sometimes it's just me talking about experiences I've had or what's going on in my back garden or where I went for my holidays.

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As long as you're interested in the topic, you will listen for longer. And while you're interested in the topic, your brain will get on with the automatic learning of English. This is the bit that really counts. It's the automatic, unconscious learning.

And in fact, that's the way that your brain wishes to learn language. It's the way you did it the first time around, with your own language. So interesting topics, lots of variety. And if you're listening to an Adept English podcast and you find you're not that interested in the topic, then there are always many, many more podcasts to have a listen to.

If you exhausted the ones that are out there or on our website for free, there are also bundles of 50 podcasts that you can buy and download. So you've got even more English language listening. You need to go to our website for that.

Boost Your Learning With Adept English

So I hope that explains the place that Adept English can play in your language learning journey. It helps you become 'a seasoned listener', 'a seasoned understander of English', and that will move you much closer to fluency. Listen to this podcast a number of times until you understand all the words.


Enough for now, have a lovely day. Speak to you again soon. Goodbye.



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