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An image of a younger King Charles. Elevate your English with Learn English Through Listening! Sharpen fluency & comprehension with real-world examples. Follow us now to speak with confidence!

Every English Learner Needs To Listen For Fluency Success Ep 624

Improve your English comprehension by exploring UK's Eurovision and May bank holidays with Adept English. Dive into conversational English and British culture, learning about Liverpool Eurovision, Ukraine's participation, and how to secure Eurovision tickets. Understand UK national holidays, including the upcoming Prince Charles coronation at Westminster Abbey, and engage in English listening practice. Discover the significance of King Charles III and English monarchy through our learn English podcast. Prepare for UK bank holidays and Coronation street parties, enhancing your English language comprehension. Volunteer in the UK, join our English comprehension quiz, and work towards speaking English fluently. Adept English offers immersive British English lessons for English language learners to improve English listening skills. #englishfluency #learnenglish


March 16, 2023

💬 Words: 3131

Length 16 min

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A woman crying. Learn how the attachment theory can help you improve your English communication skills and gain better fluency.

Gain Fluency With Attachment Theory-Unlock Your Path To Better English Communication Ep 612

Unlock the secrets of Attachment Theory and improve your English vocabulary with Adept English! Dive into Relationship Psychology, from John Bowlby's pioneering work to Mary Ainsworth's groundbreaking experiments. Learn about Secure, Avoidant, and Anxious Attachment styles, all while enhancing your daily English listening skills. Get insights into understanding relationships and dating through the lens of psychology. Adept English helps you speak English fluently while also enriching your grasp of emotional relationships. Improve your English and grasp Attachment Theory to better understand your relationships—tune in now!


February 02, 2023

💬 Words: 2615

Length 14 min

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A couple on a date, this lesson is not about that type of date. Take advantage of the pronunciation tips and practice exercises to master dates in English - start now!

How To Improve English Fluency With Dates, Months And Years Ep 608

This English language lesson covers the different ways to say dates, months and years in English. It provides an overview of ordinal numbers and cardinal numbers, as well as pronunciation tips. With practice and repetition, you will be able to confidently and accurately use dates in an Everyday English conversation.


January 19, 2023

💬 Words: 2577

Length 13 min

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An AI generated picture of a female Santa podcast host. Our innovative learning method can help you become a successful language learner.

A Year Of Language Learning Success-Thanking Our Listeners Ep 602

Tune into Adept English's festive podcast and elevate your journey to speak English fluently! Perfect for English language learners, this engaging episode offers more than just English listening practice. Discover how Adept English has transformed lives by aiding in English speaking exams and job interviews. Dive deep into listener testimonials while learning English through immersion in British culture. Our podcast and English video lessons are filled with real-world tips to help you achieve your English learning goals. With natural English learning techniques and powerful vocabulary lessons, you’ll unlock new English language skills. Don't miss out on automatic English learning, complete with English subtitles. Learn English online today and start improving your fluency effortlessly.


December 29, 2022

💬 Words: 1992

Length 10 min

📮 fluency

Christmas stockings hung over a traditional fireplace. Improve your spoken English by listening to our Christmas podcast which will give you insight into how Christmas is celebrated in Britain.

Improve Your English Fluency Listening About How Britain Celebrates Christmas Ep 600

Dive into Adept English's milestone 600th podcast for an enriching experience this holiday season. Boost your English vocabulary around Christmas, explore British Christmas traditions, and even get tips on Christmas preparations in the UK. From online Christmas shopping to understanding Christmas idioms, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in British culture. Uncover the debate on real vs artificial Christmas trees, learn about Dry January, and practice English conversation with a festive flair. Stay tuned for a jolly good time!


December 19, 2022

💬 Words: 3011

Length 16 min

📮 fluency

A photo of a surprised woman with red hair. In this article, you will learn the best ways to learn English vocabulary so that you can get fluent in no time.

The Ultimate Guide To Learning English Vocabulary Get Fluent In No Time Ep 597

Unlock the secret to rapid fluency with this Adept English podcast lesson. Host Hilary debunks the idea that mastering all 170,000 English words is essential to speak English fluently. Instead, hone in on high-frequency words. Backed by insights from Professor Stuart Webb, the episode underscores the role of word frequency and Zipf's Law in efficient language learning. Learn vocabulary in context and fast-track your way to speaking like a native. Don't get lost in the sea of words—focus on what really counts. Streamline your journey with our Most Common 500 Words Course today!


December 08, 2022

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