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Get All Of The Podcasts, Even The Old Ones

All of the Adept English audio lessons are free to download, but after 6 months we archive the old lessons and if you have not already downloaded them for free you will need to pay a small fee to download a "Podcast bundle" of 50 lessons.

What are "Podcast bundles?"

Podcast bundles are a collection of 50 English language audio lessons with full English transcripts that we have published over 6 months ago.

For example if you wanted a specific podcast episode, let's say Episode 15 then you would buy the 1-50 bundle of podcasts, which includes episode 15, and you would get the other 49 English language lessons included in your purchase.

Note: You can buy the mega bundle of podcasts which is a bundle of bundles, containing ALL of our older podcast lessons (over 200 lessons!).

Why did we start selling podcast bundles?

Well, the real reason is the lessons are very popular. In fact, our English audio lesson downloads were so popular, we needed so much more bandwidth and even more servers, it got to a point we almost had to stop offering free downloads.

Using our current approach, you will always be able to download for free around 75 of the latest English language audio lessons and the full and transcript. 75 podcasts is over 6 months of our latest lessons, which is plenty to get on with improving your spoken English.

75 Podcasts isn't enough, i want MORE!

If you like the podcasts and you want more, we have over 300!, then you can still download the older lessons by buying a bundle of 50 lessons for a small fee, the fee covers our costs for hosting the files, the bandwidth costs for downloading the files and managing the payment costs, the idea being the service pays for itself.

Click on any bundle to learn more

Currently we have 4 bundles of 50 audio lesson episodes and one massive bundle of 200 English lesson episodes.

And finally if you want everything all in one massive bundle, we offer the mega bundle ...

Don't forget everything we sell comes with a 30 day guarantee.

So what is the difference between the podcasts and our courses?

  • Courses contain conversations between more than one speaker, podcasts are always just one voice.
  • Courses have several recordings on the same subject. New vocabulary gets reinforced by hearing the same words in different ways.
  • The courses are more structured. They start off easy and become more difficult as you learn.
  • Courses give you real English conversations to practice listening to.
  • Courses are much longer than a 10 minute podcast, a course will have many hours of audio.
  • Courses come with, what we call, a 'Vocabulary explanation' which you don't get with a podcast lesson.
  • Courses target a specific area of learning how to speak English, for example; the most common English vocabulary, or English conversations or on English pronunciation.

Many people will be happy with podcasts when starting out, but if you want to level up your English speaking quickly then our courses can help you do this.

If you have not discovered our podcasts then your in for a treat!

If you haven't listened to one of our podcasts I recommend you do that right now. It's a free and easy way to see if you like the way we teach. You can listen to one of our podcasts right now and check to see if you like our Listen & Learn approach to helping you speak English fluently. Just choose a lesson from the list, and each one has an audio player so you can play the podcast lesson audio right now.

We have a lot of people listening to us right now, with over 3.5 million listens we must be doing something that people like!

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