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A lady smelling coffee enjoying her sense of smell. An English language learning podcast on English phrases that use the word sense which will teach you the meaning of sense and how it’s used in key phrases.

Make sense of english phrases that use the word sense ep 489

In today’s English language podcast lesson, we explain and practice using some common English phrase…...

A photograph of a lady leaving her job with holding a box. Here is a list of common English words, phrases and colloquialisms used in English when leaving your job.

Common english words used in leaving your job ep 484

In this English podcast lesson you will learn the common English words and phrases that we use when…...

A lady in red. Common English words and phrases for the colour red, in today's English language lesson.

The many common english words for the colour red in the english language ep 476

Expand your English language comprehension and learn some new common English words without seeing re…...

A photograph of businesswomen working in a bright modern office, standing, talking, smiling and shaking hands. English phrases and questions you might encounter in an English language interview.

Job interview preparation practice english phrases ep 460

Doing part, or all, of a job interview in a second language is difficult. It’s an unusual scenario f…...

A photograph of a young and pretty African American woman in an informal interview. A podcast English lesson on phrases and words used in interviews.

Common english words used in job interviews ep 454

Job interviews are super stressful at the best of times. Recently, the job interview challenges are …...

A photograph of some flowers as the 2021 Hampton Court flower show. Today we practice common English words used in the garden.

Common english words found in british gardens ep 453

After lots and lots of rain we’ve finally had some sun, and in typical British fashion we are all co…...

A photograph of a beautiful woman with colourful hair. English phrases and vocabulary for a British barber or hairdressers shop.

Common english words used in a british barber or hairdressers shop ep 450

Nearly every single one of us has it, it grows every day and needs to be cut regularly. Today we tal…...

A photograph of footprints left in a sandy dune. As we discuss phrasal verbs in part 3 of this English lesson series.

Lets get on with phrasal verbs part 3 ep 446

In today’s podcast we finish with the most common English get phrasal verbs. Who would have thought …...

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