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A photo of a couple taking a walk in the park. Learn some really useful English idioms.

English idioms for easy: easy to learn easy to remember ep 482

We use English idioms every day. And we use them in big ways and small ways, for fun and for serious…...

A photograph of a turkey, a really ugly bird. English idioms are the topic of today's comprehensible input English podcast lesson.

English animal idioms in this english language acquisition listening practice ep 459

So you’ve decided that listening to the English language is a good way to improve your English langu…...

Cute contented cat sleeps on its back, bending its paws in the arms. Who could have thought that such a lovely soft cuddly pussy cat could be fraught with English language danger.

2 english idioms you need to be careful with literally and figuratively ep 443

We often use English idioms in a way that needs more imagination to get the meaning than you might e…...

A photograph of the London underground message mind the gap. Today we take a deep dive into the English idiom mind you ps and qs.

English idioms that remind us to be careful ep 428

🛒Older Podcasts

Sometimes you go a whole month without hearing an interesting English idiom, and then a bunch of the…...

A photo of a full moon over the sand dunes in the Sahara desert. Todays English language lesson is all about moon related English idioms.

Over the moon and other english idioms ep 426

🛒Older Podcasts

As you know I love helping English language learners, you could say I’d go to the moon and back to h…...

A photograph of a fluffy Norwegian forest cat, which looks very much like a Siberian forest cat. As we discuss English cat idioms.

Why are there so many english idioms about cats ep 406

🛒Older Podcasts

It’s pretty safe to say the British love their pets. With over 40 percent of British households owni…...

Winter in the Lake District a classic scene where you can imagine thin ice, as we talk about cold English idioms.

English idioms associated with cold weather ep 391

🛒Older Podcasts

The weather in the UK is suddenly getting cold, with our first proper frosts. Apparently we are gett…...

A vibrant photograph of bright orange carrots, which are the star of our English lesson on an English idiom.

An english idiom you should all know ep 371

🛒Older Podcasts

I think it’s true that positive rewards are a better motivation for most people, rather than negativ…...

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