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AI Generated image of Icelandic woman with volcanos and lava in the background. Gain insights into British perspectives on current events.

English Listening Practice-Doomed By Doom And Gloom Ep 695

Boost your English fluency with Adept English's engaging podcast lesson. Dive into UK current affairs and explore the UK economy, retail trends, and Iceland's geological phenomena. Perfect for beginner to advanced learners, this lesson enhances listening skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation with a mix of economic vocabulary, environmental insights, and uplifting stories. Learn English through news analysis, improve speaking and exam preparation, and immerse in British culture. Ideal for effective English language learning online!


November 20, 2023

💬 Words: 3687

Length 19 min

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AI Image of woman between two polarised worlds. Explore how UK opinions vary in politics, enhancing cultural knowledge.

English Listening Practice-Divided We Stand Ep 694

Explore the nuances of polarised opinions in UK politics while boosting your English language skills with Adept English. This engaging lesson dives into political vocabulary, left and right-wing ideologies, and the impact of societal shifts on public discourse. Perfect for beginner to advanced learners, this English podcast offers an immersive experience in British English, focusing on vocabulary development, listening skills, and practical conversation. Join us for an insightful exploration of current events and language learning, all woven into an accessible, captivating format. Learn English online, understand complex political terms, and speak English confidently with Adept English.


November 16, 2023

💬 Words: 3595

Length 18 min

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Anxious man looking through window blinds. Find out how anxiety affects life. Listen to our podcast for insights!

Could You Guess If Your Stress Is Super Chill Or Super Crazy Ep 691

Enhance your English language skills and understand anxiety better with Adept English. Dive into our podcast for essential vocabulary, phrases, and grammar tailored for all levels—beginner to advanced. Learn English with a focus on psychological terms, specifically Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and empower your language learning through active listening. No sign-up required, just tune in for valuable insights and tips. Boost your English and grasp anxiety insights—tune in to our podcast.


November 06, 2023

💬 Words: 3685

Length 19 min

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A woman dressed up for Halloween. Get a sneak peek into a real UK TV series about ghosts that will send shivers down your spine!

Do Ghosts Really Haunt Houses In The UK Ep 689

Dive into the intriguing world of British and American Halloween traditions and real-life ghost stories with Adept English. This captivating lesson boosts your English vocabulary and gives you a deeper understanding of culture. From the challenges estate agents face with haunted houses to the Halloween traditions like trick or treat and pumpkin carving, enrich your conversational skills. Ideal for beginners to advanced learners. Tune in for study tips, grammar, idioms, and more. Uncover why spooky stories are part of British and American lifestyle, as referenced in a Washington Post article and the Uncanny Series by Danny Robins. Listen now to elevate your English fluency!


October 30, 2023

💬 Words: 4112

Length 21 min

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A photo of a man looking at polling graphs. Interactive Learning: Vote in Spotify polls to shape the content of future podcasts.

Improve Your English Fluency Now With Our Interactive Podcast Ep 688

Step up your English language learning with Adept English's engaging podcast lesson! This episode takes you on an interactive learning journey, utilizing Spotify Polls to dive into hot topics like climate change and social issues. We simplify verb tenses and English grammar, making IELTS preparation a breeze. Get valuable insights into public opinion, explore positive news stories, and even decode body mass index. Our Listen & Learn approach, coupled with the Most Common 500 Words Course, helps you build a robust English vocabulary. Perfect for anyone aiming to speak English fluently. Tune in now and shape your English learning journey!


October 26, 2023

💬 Words: 3804

Length 20 min

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A photograph of a chimpanzee.  Tune in to challenge your English listening abilities while exploring thought-provoking topics like psychology!

Why Do Experts Trash This Bestseller Ep 687

Dive into a critical review of the controversial book 'The Chimp Paradox' with Adept English. This engaging podcast lesson offers an alternative viewpoint on human emotions and behaviour. Improve your English listening skills while exploring emotional intelligence, psychology, and psychotherapy. Perfect for learners at all levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—looking to expand their vocabulary and sharpen their English fluency. Discover the psychology behind language learning, tips for mastering English exams, and the richness of British culture and idioms. Listen now and elevate your understanding of emotional development and the human brain, all while enhancing your English proficiency.


October 23, 2023

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