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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
A photograph of a hairdresser washes customer hair in basin. An English conversation about SLS in shampoo.

Lets talk about shampoo as we help you to learn english conversation ep 364

If you’ve listened to Adept English before, you know that we try to make our English lessons interes…...

Prague at the sunrise, a beautiful city sets the backdrop to our discussion on facts about languages as we learn to speak English fluently.

Discover interesting language facts as you learn english language fluency ep 362

In today’s English lesson our goal is to learn and improve English Language Fluency through listenin…...

Raspberry and blackberry for pet tortoise, part of the discussion on UK obsession with pets.

Find out about british pets while learning how to speak english ep 348

If you are learning to how to speak English fluently you need to listen to lots and lots of everyday…...

A photograph of friends drinking beer at the counter in pub, used in this English language lesson about pubs.

Discover why pubs are so important in this learn english language lesson ep 344

In today’s lesson we will focus on English language fluency. We often use a news story or something …...

A photograph of young black children with a megaphone. Used as part of our discussion on racism in this English lesson.

Lets focus on world news while we listen and learn english language ep 338

How about we talk about the news to help us listen and learn the English language? With the huge rea…...

A photograph of fluffy pine branches in the sun, used in an English language practice discussion about getting enough vitamin D

Sensible learning for english listening practice skills needed for english fluency ep 333

One of the many advantages of using the Adept English listen & learn approach to learning to speak E…...

A photograph of a fireman running towards a fire, using in talking about heroism as part of an English fluency practice lesson.

English lesson focused on ism words to help english speaking fluency ep 320

In today's English lesson we will use ism words to practice our English fluency. We could have chose…...

A photograph of a young smiling woman holding a small American flag on a sunny day used in a English practice conversation.

English for conversation strange times make unpredictable popularity ep 319

Here at Adept English we specialise in helping you with the speaking and listening part of learning …...

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