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A lady standing in front of wall of old TV sets. As we Learn English Language through listening to interesting topics.

Learning english language an epic tv series ep 430

Today’s English language lesson we talk about TV series as we practice listening to English being sp…...

Could not resist using a great photograph of these lovely spring flowers. As we learn more English conversation through listening.

Spring has arrived ep 419

Today we help you learn English conversation with a talk about Spring, gardens and flowers. Improvin…...

A photograph of a ultramarathon runner in the mountains during a workout. As we talk about the time it takes to learn to speak English.

Learning the english language is a marathon not a sprint ep 418

So how long does it take to learn to speak English? Learning to speak the English language is going …...

A photograph of a happy indian student with smartphone learning sitting in university library. As we talk over the 7 rules of Adept English.

7 rules to learn english language and habits that help ep 403

As January comes to a close. I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. It’s technically still th…...

Sunset from Hushinish on the Isle of Harris in the Western Isle of Scotland and looking across to the isle of Scarp.

Learn about english language shortened names ep 394

🛒Older Podcasts

So it’s cold and frosty in the UK today, but no snow and definitely not a white Christmas, so I gues…...

A photograph of two older boys eating ice cream, and a jealous young boy looking at them.

Explore envy and jealousy as you learn english language fluency ep 384

🛒Older Podcasts

I think Aristotle once said to be jealous is reasonable, but envy leads only to bad things. But you …...

A photograph of a hairdresser washes customer hair in basin. An English conversation about SLS in shampoo.

Lets talk about shampoo as we help you to learn english conversation ep 364

🛒Older Podcasts

If you’ve listened to Adept English before, you know that we try to make our English lessons interes…...

Prague at the sunrise, a beautiful city sets the backdrop to our discussion on facts about languages as we learn to speak English fluently.

Discover interesting language facts as you learn english language fluency ep 362

🛒Older Podcasts

In today’s English lesson our goal is to learn and improve English Language Fluency through listenin…...

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