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We Are Totally Focused On Helping You To Speak English

There are lots of people who can help you with reading and writing in English, finding someone who can help you with speaking English fluently is much, much harder.

Learn the 500 most important English words first!

The problem...

Traditional English lessons don't spend enough time on learning to speak English.

You can read and write in English but now you need to improve your spoken English. Nearly all the English teachers/courses you've looked at spend 80% of your time on reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary and less than 20% of the lesson on learning to speak English!

You want to focus on the speaking part of learning English, if you stick with traditional English learning approaches you will make very slow progress.

What we do...

We are 100% focused on helping you speak English fluently.

We will help you to learn to speak English fluently by spending 100% of your time listening to native English speakers.

No books, no reading, no writing in English. No lists of vocabulary, no grammar. Just high quality, interesting audio lessons, which you listen to.

Start today...

Join millions of English language students learning to speak English using our "Listen & Learn" system of learning.

Click on the red BUY NOW button and you could be improving your English fluency today.

For £15.00 you can get the "500 Most Common Words Course" now!

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You want to know more?

Why we created "The 500 Most Common Words Course"...

The most common 500 words in English account for 80% of everyday English conversation. It makes sense to prioritise learning these words, doesn’t it? ​

The Adept English most common 500 words course teaches you how to use the words, because you learn them in context. This course teaches you the top 500 words most used in everyday English first.

You will love learning to speak English this way

  • We've put all the must have English vocabulary you will need in one place.
  • Learning the most common English words first is a smart and efficient approach to learning to speak English fluently.
  • Learning the words in this course will help you in EVERY English conversation you will ever have.
  • You can focus on the vocabulary you need for you, this course will be useful in every situation.
There are many benefits to the Adept English system of learning
Advantages More Advantages
🐶 Its a very different teaching method, better than traditional language courses. 🐘 The method is based on the functioning of the brain so it works with your brain, not against it!
🦍 You start ‘thinking in English’ first, so speaking in English is much easier. 🐿️ It works for everyone, you learn English like a child learning their first language.
🦓 The system helps you leverage your basic knowledge of the English language, and quickly become fluent. 🦔 The method stops you translating from English into your own language and back again.
🐪 This approach to learning is not hard work – and in fact, learning this way is enjoyable. 🍰 When you pay for the course it will arrive immediately in your email in-box. You can download the course and start straight away.

So what is included in the course?

This is what you will get...
  • 9 quality audio English lessons
  • 500 of the most commonly used English vocabulary words made into stories you can listen to
  • Full transcripts and vocabulary worksheets with every lesson
  • Unique, interesting, high quality lessons you can listen to over and over again

You can see the supporting transcripts and course notes you get with every audio file in the course.

Listen to an example of what you will get in the course...
The mp3 audio and pdf transcript for this lesson is now part of the Adept English back catalogue . You can still download and listen to this lesson as part of one of our podcast bundles.

Happy customers

A quote from one customer (E-mail) sums it up really.
A photograph of Roba Hasina, Hotel Desk Administrator

Only after I started using the course did I realise how crazy it is that in classrooms you spend 90% of your time learning English words and grammar rules. 10% of your learning to speak English, saying one or two-word phrases.

With you, I spend 100% of my time listening and understanding English conversation. I stopped translating from Arabic to English in my head. I just know the English rules automatically; you can hear it sounds funny when you get it wrong."

Roba Hasina - Hotel Desk Administrator

99.8% of our customers are happy customers.

We added up all of our sales and the number of returns people have asked for over the last 3 years and we are pleased to say 99.8% of them were happy with the product they bought from us. (26th Feb 2017 to 26th Feb 2020)


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30 Day Guarantee

We give you a great 30 day money back guarantee. You can learn more about that here, in summary; "If you don't like what you bought just ask and we will refund your purchase."

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Great news for you! We decided to include FREE Bonus Material the ​"500 Most Common Words" course also includes two appendices

  • Bonus appendix A has a little extra for you. We have provided a full list of the 500 words in alphabetic order.
  • Bonus appendix B we include a really useful rank ordered list of the 500 words with a small description of each of the words listed.

Get it today

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For £15.00 you can get the "500 Most Common Words Course" now!

Brand logos Cta-Buttons-Add-Cart helping Adept English teach English on social media. Brand logos Cta-Buttons-Buy helping Adept English teach English on social media.

P.S. One last thing…

We know the first step is always the hardest!

Ask yourself one question: Will learning to speak English really make a difference?

If the answer is yes then do not miss out on the opportunity to learn English using our simple and effective language course

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