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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
A photograph of an African man with dreadlocks glancing away, learning why hair is important while we learn how to speak English.

Learn why hair matters while learning how to speak english ep 376

When thinking about a topic for a new English lesson I often listen to what my friends are talking a…...

A photograph of a brightly coloured world globe, todays English speaking topic of time zones.

Today we learn about time zones as we learn to speak english ep 374

I don’t know if it was thinking about how to the British talk about time in last week’s English less…...

A photograph of a football. In todays lesson we discuss the problems UK football is having as we learn English speaking.

Learn english speaking as we talk about saving uk football ep 370

In today’s lesson we are going to pick a topic from the British headline news and talk about it usin…...

A photograph of a laughing man with headphones sitting at table. Used to highlight one of the English acronyms used in this English spoken natively lesson.

Learn about acronyms while listening to english spoken natively ep 368

If you're investing your valuable time learning to speak a new language, like English, you are much …...

A landscape photograph of the medieval village Saint Cirque La Popie in France, close to where my sister lives in France.

British english speaking practice a journey to france ep 357

For the briefest moment this summer, it was possible to travel by plane within Europe from the UK. A…...

A slow shutter photograph of busy traffic at night. Used in a native English spoken podcast on UK smart motorways.

Learn about uk smart motorways while listening to english spoken natively ep 340

The last time we were talking about English spoken natively was about the UK shutting down, so it se…...

A lady laying on grass with her eyes closed taking advantage of the spring sun, used to help visualise our English conversation on light nights.

Practice english conversation with a discussion on light nights ep 332

Today we practise English conversation and the topic is light nights, the last time we talked about …...

A lovely photo of a cup of tea used as part of our English listening and speaking practice lesson.

British culture and listening to a british english speaker ep 328

I know it's a cliche but the British love a good cup of tea. I once heard someone describe having ca…...

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