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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
A bored face and an excited face. Learn the English words and phrases you need to become an interesting conversationalist. In this English lesson, you will gain the vocabulary and skills to express yourself and connect with others!

Spice up your english vocabulary with this english vocabulary lesson ep 598

Today we learn how to spice up your English conversations with this English vocabulary lesson. Let’s…...

A northern English man wearing a flat cap. What a wonderful British accent looks like with examples of received pronunciation and differences between them.

Received pronunciation vs a northern british accent ep 593

Do you remember watching Downton Abbey, Sherlock? How about the Harry Potter films? Most of the acto…...

A young lady sitting on the floor learning English. Did you know that there are two types of fluency? Mental and physical. We are going to explain both.

Let's talk about english fluency ep 559

Hi there. In today’s English speaking practice podcast, I’m going to look at two different parts of …...

A photo of marshmallow twister sweets. Practice your English speaking with free English tongue twisters pronunciation exercises!

How to practice english word sounds ep 553

When learning to speak English clearly, tongue twisters are great practice. Tongue twisters will hel…...

A cute baby crawling on a bed and a mother speaking to him. Great Tips To Speak English Clearly And Make Sure People Understand You

How to speak english clearly so people understand you ep 549

Continuing with this week’s English speaking theme, in this English lesson we are going to make sure…...

A photo of a new born baby. IELTS speaking practice, for people targeting a band 7 or higher.

How to get a perfect ielts speaking band score ep 548

IELTS speaking practice, for people targeting band 7 and above. For those who don’t know what IELTS …...

A photograph of a lady holding an umbrella in a rain storm. This podcast teaches you the polite greetings used in everyday UK life and gives you the opportunity to practice them in a fun way.

What hello do i use? - english speaking practice ep 545

Authentic everyday British greetings: This is a fun English Speaking practice podcast that teaches y…...

A photo of a lady being comforted by another lady, at a coffee table. An English speaking practice lesson focuses on the concept of empathy, a topic to help you improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation all you have to do is listen.

Today an english speaking practice lesson on empathy ep 536

Today’s English speaking practice lesson, the topic I’m going to talk about is the concept of empath…...

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