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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
A smiling boy holding cup and string telephone to ear. Learning English from genuine conversations has never been so easy. You won’t find a better conversation lesson to improve your English Listening skills.

Listening practice-a conversation in english about the tonga volcano eruption ep 507

An English listening practice lesson where we have a conversation in English about an interesting to…...

A woman balancing. Are you trying to learn English? Would you like to put your skills to the test? Let’s practice our English listening comprehension while we learn about staying alive for longer.

Train your english listening skills-living longer and learning easier ep 503

Let’s practice our English listening comprehension while we learn about staying alive for longer. To…...

A frustrated man with a monster on his shoulder. In today's English conversation about procrastination, I talk about why we let so many minutes, hours and days pass us by unproductively. I give you some strategies for getting on track in the New Year, before you lose another year to distraction.

How to beat the procrastination monster in 2022 ep 500

Today we get rid of the procrastination monster! In our first English conversation listening podcast…...

A photograph of a woman waving through a window. Our English lessons are always interesting and designed to keep you engaged and focuses on what you are listening to. Listen to us and you’ll want to learn more! You’ll never get bored learning with us.

Hello 2022 wave goodbye to 2021 try to forget 2020 english listening practice numbers ep 499

This is an English lesson where you get to practice listening to Numbers. Today we say hello to 2022…...

A photo of people clinking drink glasses in a pub. Listen to our English language listening practice podcast while you learn some interesting things about British pubs.

Maximizing your english listening practice with a podcast on british pubs ep 492

In today’s English listening practice podcast, you can learn English comprehension while learning ab…...

A photo of an Ivy house plant in a nice house. Interesting conversations in English that will help you improve your listening skills, which is one of the most important aspects of speaking English.

Conversational practice in english while talking about the dangers of mould ep 491

Our English language listening practice lessons help you build your brain’s language skills so you c…...

A photo of wind turbines and fossil fuels, in this case coal. Here is an English listening practice lesson which you should make time for. It will help you to get used to the different kinds of accents and intonation used in the UK, and it will expose you to British cultural values.

An interesting english listening practice lesson about climate change ep 488

In this English listening practice lesson, I have recorded a topic which is about climate change and…...

A photograph of a London taxi on a London bridge in the UK. Develop your English Listening skills through listening practice and you’ll improve your English communication.

How your brain grows with english listening practice ep 486

In today’s English listening practice we learn about ordinary people learning huge amounts of inform…...

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