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A caricature pictture of Boris Johnson. Today we're going to talk about UK's new Prime Minister and what kind of politician she is going to be. We'll discuss it while you practice your English listening skills.

Boris johnson is gone what does this mean for the uk ep 575

After Boris Johnson’s resignation, the UK’s new Prime Minister is Liz Truss. There’s a lot going on …...

A photograph of a British house guard. Today, we talk about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and explain why she was so popular.

The world says goodbye to queen elizabeth ii ep 573

The reign of Queen Elizabeth II ends. Today in our English listening lesson we talk about why Queen …...

A photograph of a young Afghani girl who won't be educated. This weeks English listening practice, I'm going to talk about a letter that was broadcast on the radio.

English listening practice a letter from afghanistan ep 572

A letter, written in English by a teenage girl in Afghanistan, is the topic for today’s English list…...

A photograph of Lausanne. Improve your listening right now! The best way to see what you've learned and master the tricky bits is by listening.

Listen to real english conversations and practice your listening skills ep 570

Listening to real English conversations is a great way to improve your English language learning. To…...

Digital art of a beautiful dawn with a path into the light. English Listening Practice on the Big Life and Death Questions.

English listening practice about big life and death questions ep 568

English language learners, especially people new to our way of learning, often ask what kind of Engl…...

Digital Art of Lausanne in Switzerland. Practise your English listening skills as you listen to short stories, articles and conversations.

Listening practice will help your english skills ep 567

Listen to short stories, articles and conversations in English to improve your listening skills....

A digital art stain glass window of a village in the south of France. No Excuses Practice Your English Listening Skills

No excuses keep practising your english listening ep 565

Today's English lesson is a short one, you can find out why by listening!...

Digital art of a tortoise standing on papers. Today in our English listening practice lesson, we’ll discuss how scientists are learning from animals about growing old.

Growing old an english listening topic that interests everyone at some point in their lives ep 562

Today we will explore an English listening practice topic which interests us all: ageing. We will di…...

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