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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
Photograph of a young lady undertaking a brainwave EEG or Electroencephalograph Examination in a Clinic. As we discuss what goes on in a language learners brain?

What is going on inside a language learners brain ep 431

For most of us, thinking about how our brains work is pretty low on the day’s to-do list. We just le…...

A lovely photo of an eclectic garden. As we ease into some soothing spring English language listening practice.

Sit back and enjoy some soothing english listening practice ep 429

Today we have some easy English listening practice. So just find some time to slip your headphones o…...

A photograph of Edinburgh castle, although the Duke of Edinburgh would stay at Balmoral castle. A topical English conversation lesson.

Fond farewell and travel dreams conversational english lesson ep 425

In today’s English lesson we talk about the British Royal family and going on holidays. I’ve include…...

A very orange photograph of a surprised looking lady. A conversation were we practice listening in the English and learn what in English is much easier to learn than other languages.

Is english listening practice easy compared to european languages ep 424

If you have been listening to our English listening practice podcasts for a while, you will often he…...

Young woman studying in a coffee shop. We often think of learning as studying, but in reality our brain is always learning even when we are not conscious of it.

Conversation in english on psychology of intensive learning ep 423

Your brain is an amazing machine. Just like any machine, with a little care and attention and a litt…...

A photograph of a lady with eyes closed. Sometimes stress and anxiety gets the best of you in this English listening lesson.

Improve your english listening while we talk about anxiety ep 417

I think it says quite a lot about our societies that we have emoji icons for anxiety. Worrying is a …...

A photograph of a young woman smelling flowers in shop. Out English language learning topic today is all about smells.

Strange smells in this english listening practice lesson ep 416

Today we talk about strange smells in our English listening practice lesson. I’ve never lost my sens…...

A view of the gulf of Naples by night, with a volcano in the background. Today we have a hot English conversation about volcanos and lava.

Volcanos and lava in a conversation with english listening practice ep 415

We have many interesting geological structures in the UK, but we are missing one. The UK has no acti…...

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