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A photograph of a factory polluting the air in a golden sunset. In this podcast, I hope to teach you vocabulary related to the environment and health. These topics are important for you to understand for an English test or for an English conversation.

English listening podcast-environment health and moving house ep 594

Today I’m talking about environmental health in the English language. The environment and health, th…...

A graphic illustration of a human brain. The Right Way To Learn English! Self-study, perseverance and Adept English makes success possible. Success The Right Way, making success work!

Psychology behind english language success ep 591

Language learning success and achievement don’t just happen, they are the product of psychological g…...

A photo of a woman looking at a mobile phone with her face lit up. A collection of English listening material to help you develop your ability to understand extended, standard speech on familiar topics.

Perfect english listening practice for intermediate esl students ep 589

Listening is a skill. Whether it be listening to your professors, radio broadcasts or news broadcast…...

A photo of a woman in pain holding a pillow on a sofa. The pandemic is over for most of us, but it still affects survivors and those who lost loved ones.

How a global pandemic outbreak affected us ep 586

For most of us, the recent pandemic is over, only now are we seeing the tremendous impact on our soc…...

A photo of roast broccoli and lemon. Vegetarian, Vegan or Allergic to Nuts - Finding Something to Eat in a British Restaurant or Ordering Takeaway in 2022.

Eating at a british restaurant in 2022 listening practice ep 585

Vegetarian or Vegan? Allergic to nuts or gluten? Whether you're eating in a British restaurant or or…...

The UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. The English lesson today is about Fracking. Fracking is controversial, environmentally damaging... but the government thinks it’s worth it.

Uk government says ok to fracking but will it help? ep 580

Fracking is controversial, environmentally damaging and heavily criticized by environmentalists, but…...

A photo of a female entrepreneur eating at her. But what makes entrepreneurs successful? In today’s lesson, we learn about characteristics of successful people – the things they do and can do.

10 questions every entrepreneur must ask and answer ep 578

The biggest mistake you can make in business is to not learn from the success of others. So when the…...

A caricature pictture of Boris Johnson. Today we're going to talk about UK's new Prime Minister and what kind of politician she is going to be. We'll discuss it while you practice your English listening skills.

Boris johnson is gone what does this mean for the uk ep 575

After Boris Johnson’s resignation, the UK’s new Prime Minister is Liz Truss. There’s a lot going on …...

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