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Digital art of a tortoise standing on papers. Today in our English listening practice lesson, we’ll discuss how scientists are learning from animals about growing old.

Growing old an english listening topic that interests everyone at some point in their lives ep 562

Today we will explore an English listening practice topic which interests us all: ageing. We will di…...

A close-up photo of a hand holding a pill between finger and thumb. In a recent UCL study, researchers say that serotonin imbalance does not cause depression. English listening practice topic.

No clear evidence low serotonin levels cause depression ep 560

Today our English listening practice topic is about depression, anti-depressants and serotonin. A re…...

Coal power station towers billowing smoke. The hottest summer ever and climate change in the UK. That’s the topic for today’s English listening practice lesson.

You don't have to learn english from boring text books ep 558

The hottest summer ever and climate change in the UK. That’s the topic for today’s English listening…...

A lone marathon runner, running down a city road. Improve your English vocabulary and learn more about the UK with a conversation in English.

Learn english with a uk news conversation ep 556

Today we are just going to listen to a conversation about the UK news in English. We cover the main …...

People waiting in a doctors surgery waiting area. Enjoy English lessons with interesting topics and lessons.

Amazing english lessons-the nhs ep 555

It's hard to stay motivated when learning English. Adept English is here to help you learn by making…...

A shopping trolley in the middle of an aisle in a supermarket. An IELTS listening practice lesson on shopping in a British supermarket.

English listening practice shopping for food ep 554

An English listening practice lesson for anyone learning to speak English as a foreign language. It …...

A young woman drinking a large coffee, leaning against a brick wall. English listening practice: Coffee has many effects on the human body, time to learn more about it!

English listening practice-a strong listen for coffee lovers ep 552

In this English listening practice podcast lesson, we learn about the effects of coffee. Why coffee …...

A photo of a traditional British cream tea. Today we work through an English conversation that is both useful and delightful talking about something we all love, cake.

7 top british cakes an english listening practice topic ep 547

An English language listening practice lesson. Today we do what we do best, we work through everyday…...

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