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📮 phrases

A pensive lady waiting for a job interview. Your CV/resume is the first chance you have of securing a job interview. A great CV/resume is a must when applying for jobs in English.

The PERFECT CV Or Resume For English Language Learners-English Phrases You Will Need To Know Ep 504

Today, we will help English language learners who are searching for a new job. We explain what makes a great CV/resume. Covering all the English phrases , vocabulary and language used in a modern, professional job application. We are going to help you answer the question- How do you get employers to choose you over all those other people who want the same job?


January 17, 2022

💬 Words: 2640

Length 14 min

📮 grammar

A photograph of a confused woman. If you are looking for a great way to master the use of TO and FOR in English, you can learn everything that you need to know from this English grammar podcast lesson.

How To Use TO And FOR Correctly And Improve Your ESL English Grammar Ep 501

Today we will make sure you use TO and FOR correctly in your English. So, if you are looking to avoid mistakes that make you sound like an English language learner or you are looking for high scores in your IELTS exams both written and spoken, this is the podcast English lesson for you!


January 06, 2022

💬 Words: 2834

Length 15 min

📮 grammar

A photograph of twin boys. Everything about Homophone. Confusing Words In English. This is a great place to go when you are stuck with grammar or confused by homophones.

Homophones-Avoid Mistakes With Confusing Words As We Learn The English Language Ep 494

Not knowing what a homophone is or what the common ones are could leave you sounding silly in your next English conversation. In today’s English grammar podcast we explain the problem, we help you practice spotting common homophones and we test you just to keep you on your toes as we learn how to speak the English language.


December 13, 2021

💬 Words: 2182

Length 11 min

📮 fluency

A young woman calling an uber at night. If you are serious about learning to speak the English language, you need to use proven strategies.

What My Uber Driver Reminded Me About Learning English Language Fluency Ep 490

Learning English or any other language as a second language is more about motivation, and the time you commit to learning, and what you are doing with that time than just about any other criteria. Today we talk about an Uber driver in Amsterdam, proof you or anyone can learn 2 or 3 new languages if you want or need too. The question is: Will you? We’ll help you find the motivation and the time to do it.


November 29, 2021

💬 Words: 2542

Length 13 min

📮 phrases

A lady smelling coffee enjoying her sense of smell. An English language learning podcast on English phrases that use the word sense which will teach you the meaning of sense and how it’s used in key phrases.

Make Sense Of English Phrases That Use The Word Sense Ep 489

In today’s English language podcast lesson, we explain and practice using some common English phrases and expressions that use the word sense. Why do we say I don’t have a sense of humour, but I get the sense you don’t like me? Does sense really mean 5 different things? What is nonsense? Find out in this English phrases lesson. Using our easy to use listen and learn approach to improving your English comprehension skills, we will have you speaking English like a native in no time.


November 25, 2021

💬 Words: 2580

Length 13 min

📮 idioms

A photo of a couple taking a walk in the park. Learn some really useful English idioms.

English Idioms For Easy: Easy To Learn Easy To Remember Ep 482

We use English idioms every day. And we use them in big ways and small ways, for fun and for serious meanings. For example, we can say that we’re up to our ears in work, meaning we’re very busy and it’s hard to find time to do anything else. Let’s explore and play with some different English idioms for easy!


November 01, 2021

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