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Speak Confidently: Discover British English with Dating App Phrases & Vocabulary

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Are you ready to level up your English skills and speak confidently like a true Brit? Join our fun lesson on online dating apps to improve your English vocabulary, comprehension, and conversation! ๐Ÿš€ Listen on Spotify, watch on YouTube, or visit! ๐ŸŽง๐Ÿ’ป๐ŸŒ

In this lesson, you'll:

  • ๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ Discover into British English pronunciation and expressions
  • ๐Ÿ’‘ Improve your vocabulary with real-life dating app scenarios
  • ๐Ÿ”Š Enhance your listening and comprehension skills
  • ๐Ÿ’ฌ Boost your conversational confidence in no time!

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Boost your British English fluency! ๐Ÿš€ Jump in and listen to today's fun dating app-themed lessons

Cultural understanding is essential when learning a new language, as it allows you to communicate more effectively and naturally. Learning all about this in a fun, engaging, and culturally relevant English lesson is just the cherry on top!

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More About This Lesson

Discover the fascinating world of dating apps in this engaging English lesson! Not only will you expand your vocabulary with unusual words, but you'll also learn about modern dating culture. This lesson offers real-world examples and stories from people who've navigated the ups and downs of online dating. By exploring a topic that is both intriguing and relatable, you'll be captivated while improving your English skills. Uncover the secrets behind dating app behaviours, and find out how some people are choosing to date offline! Don't miss this unique learning experience!

Why will an English lesson about dating apps help you improve your English fluency?

  • Listening practice with authentic materials like online dating apps conversations can help you understand regional accents and dialects within British English. The UK has a wide variety of accents, and being exposed to these through listening practice can improve comprehension skills.
  • Engaging with online dating app-related content can familiarize you with British English slang and idioms. This not only expands vocabulary but also helps your sound more natural when speaking with native speakers.
  • Online dating app conversations often involve exchanging personal information and experiences. By practising listening skills in this context, you can improve your ability to understand and respond appropriately to personal questions and statements, thus enhancing your conversational skills.

Don't think that this type of content is frivolous or superficial! Thinking that this type of lesson will be too informal or colloquial to provide any real value in enhancing language skills is a mistake. An engaging lesson focused on modern and relevant topics like online dating apps, can be incredibly helpful to you as it exposes you to authentic vocabulary and conversational patterns they are likely to encounter in real-life situations.

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
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  • As you listen to this engaging lesson on online dating apps, you'll naturally absorb new vocabulary and enhance your comprehension skills. With each listen, you'll find yourself growing more confident and comfortable with the language.
  • Adept English is here to help you speak English fluently. All you have to do is listen and practice along with the lesson, and you'll notice improvements in your conversational skills over time.
  • This lesson covers an aspect of life in the UK, helping you gain insight into human behaviour and social norms while learning English vocabulary. This way, you won't feel left out of conversations and can better understand the culture of the UK.
  • By signing up for the free course, The Seven Rules of Adept English, you'll receive valuable hints and tips on how to improve your English in the shortest time possible. These practical ideas and information will guide you towards efficient language learning.

Questions You Might Have...

Listening to this British English lesson is like setting sail on a voyage through the sea of language, where each wave of conversation brings you closer to the treasure island of fluency.

  1. Q: How does listening practice with online dating apps help improve English vocabulary?
    A: Listening to conversations from online dating apps exposes learners to British English slang, idioms, and common expressions, helping you expand your vocabulary and sound more natural when speaking.
  2. Q: Can practising with online dating app conversations improve comprehension skills?
    A: Yes, listening to authentic conversations from online dating apps allows learners to familiarize themselves with various accents and dialects within British English, improving your comprehension skills.
  3. Q: How can this lesson help develop conversational skills?
    A: By listening and responding to personal questions and statements often exchanged in online dating app conversations, you will improve your ability to understand, respond, and engage in British English conversations.
  4. Q: Is practising with online dating app conversations suitable for all English learners?
    A: Yes, the content is suitable for various proficiency levels. Beginners can focus on basic vocabulary and sentence structure, while advanced learners can work on nuances, idioms, and slang.
  5. Q: How often should I practice listening to online dating app conversations to improve my British English?
    A: Consistency is key. Aim for at least 30 minutes of focused listening practice daily to see significant improvement in vocabulary, ) comprehension, and conversational skills.

Most Unusual Words:

  • Scrutinised: closely examined or inspected
  • Laundry: clothes that need to be washed or have been washed
  • Vetting: process of checking or evaluating someone or something before making a decision
  • Heterosexual: relating to a romantic or sexual attraction between people of opposite genders (male and female)
  • Generalise: to make a broad statement based on common experiences, not specific details
  • Despondent: feeling very sad, without hope, or discouraged
  • Ghosting: stopping all communication suddenly with someone you were dating, without any explanation
  • Eligible: suitable or appropriate for a specific purpose, like dating
  • Exhibit: to show or display a particular quality or behaviour
  • Refreshing: pleasantly new or different, making you feel less tired or less hot

Most Frequently Used Words:


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Transcript: Fun English Learning-Dive Into Online Dating Vocabulary

An interesting topic today! Love and romance online.

Hi there. Today let's talk about something really interesting. Interesting, even if you don't participate in it, even if you don't do it.

Let's talk today about online dating apps. If you want to find a partner for love, romance, or perhaps just for the evening, then if you're in the UK or many other countries around the world, you'll probably use a dating app. That's APP, 'app'. Especially if you're between the ages of 25 and 50.

A dating app is an online service to help you find a partner. Even if you've never been on a dating app, and perhaps you never will, it's still a fascinating topic. It reveals all kinds of things about human behaviour, I think. And while I'm covering this topic, your brain will be learning some really useful English language vocabulary and it will prepare you for this aspect of life in a country like the UK.

Hello, Iโ€™m Hilary, and youโ€™re listening to Adept English. We will help you to speak English fluently. All you have to do is listen. So start listening now and find out how it works.

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So back to today's topic. First of all, the word 'dating', D A T I N G. This describes the activity of going on dates and the verb is 'to date', D A T E, like a date in your calendar and in fact, that's where it comes from. The verb 'to date' means 'to fix a time and a place in your calendar to see somebody'. So 'to date' means 'to meet up with somebody with the idea of romance in mind', with the idea of finding a partner. Now, I know that many of you who listen don't do dating in this sense. And that partners or prospective people to marry - that's something that you would have help from your family in choosing.

But I think this topic is worth covering because for many people in countries like the UK and around the world, dating apps are the way that they try to find love. Dating Apps are the way that people try to find romantic partners.

One statistic that I read online, it's estimated that in 2021 alone, there were 250 million people worldwide using dating apps. That's a lot of people!

Listening Lessons

Choose an app, set up your profile

And there are numerous dating apps that people use. You've probably heard of Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Feeld and there are many others. And you've perhaps heard from friends, work colleagues or family members about their experiences on these dating apps and perhaps about the people that they meet.

I'm not on dating apps because I'm in a relationship, but I hear a lot of stories about dating apps and dating in my psychotherapy work. So how the dating apps work, first of all, you choose one, you sign up, and then you set up your profile. That's P R O F I L E ,' profile'. And in this context, your 'profile' is how you present yourself to other people on the dating app.

So your profile will include some personal details about you, what your interests are, what you do, and some information about the type of person or type of relationship that you're seeking, that you're looking for.

And inevitably it'll need quite a few photographs of yourself, showing you in different situations, portraying your life really, or perhaps portraying what you might like people to think is your life.

'A picture is worth a thousand words'

I think the photographs alone are a very interesting subject. How do people choose what photographs to use for a dating profile? And what are they trying to say about themselves with those photographs? Female clients particularly, in my therapy practice, talk about their experiences on dating apps - much more probably than the men talk about theirs. So women talk a lot about their dating experiences on apps and tell me all kinds of things about the men they meet and about how the relationship goes.

Even the photographs that men choose to put on their dating profile are scrutinised, looked at in great detail. Some examples? What does it mean if a man's main photograph on his dating profile shows him at home with a great big pile of laundry in the photograph behind him?

That's 'laundry', L A U N D R Y. That means your washing, your clothes washing. Does it mean that the man is perhaps looking for someone to do his laundry for him? Or does it just mean that he's not very good at photography? Or he perhaps doesn't notice what impression he's making? Does he underestimate the power of an image and just hasn't noticed that his laundry is visible?

And what does it mean if a man's profile picture is him posing in front of a helicopter? Or an expensive car, especially if they don't belong to him? I guess perhaps he would like you to know that he has status and is successful. Or perhaps it might mean he's insecure and thinks that women wouldn't be interested in him, but for those things. And what does it say about the women who connect with a man who poses in front of a helicopter?

So even just at this point, looking at the photographs on someone's dating profile, there's a lot to work out. There's a lot to think about, working out whether someone is suitable or not.

And then there's the whole thing of turning up to meet someone in person and then they look nothing like their profile picture! That's often a big disappointment for men and for women.


A photograph of a your woman using a dating app on her mobile phone. Want to speak like a native? Try our English listening practice lesson about online dating apps! Learn on Spotify, YouTube, or!

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How do people connect on online dating apps?

The usual way to connect with people who might be suitable - it happens in different ways on different apps. The well-known phrase in English 'to swipe right' comes originally from the app, Tinder. ' To swipe right' means 'to say yes' or 'to accept'. Here, meaning a match with someone who's shown an interest in your dating profile.

So that's 'match', M A T C H. The app has decided that you might be a good match together. And the verb to swipe, S W I P E means 'to make a sweeping motion', like that, the kind of 'sweeping motion' that you might make all the time when you're using your smartphone.

So this expression 'to swipe right' has come into general English and now means 'to accept, to say yes to something - or someone'.

Then people may begin a conversation over chat. That's C H A T and that's the word we tend to use for an instant messaging conversation online. If both are still interested, this may progress to a telephone call before they go on an actual live date. And during the pandemic Zoom calls or similar online meeting apps - they were used for people to do a first date.

If you like, this is a 'vetting process'. That's V E T T I N G, and that's the verb 'to vet', meaning 'to check someone out' or 'to check something out before you commit further time to it'.

Most people like to meet in person though. It's only when you 're in the same room as someone else that you can tell whether or not you find them attractive, whether or not you're interested in them.

Slowly does it.....

Another convention, another thing which is common is that people don't progress straight away to a first date. They're much more likely to just meet for a coffee or for a single drink in a pub - they don't go straight out for dinner.

This is part of the vetting process and it lessens the disappointment, if you know immediately that this person is not going to be suitable for you.

If two people then want to take it further after a coffee or a single drink, then they may organise a proper date. An evening out together.

So it's all quite a process, and it's one I hear about all the time. All the subtleties, all the angst, all the excitement, all the wondering.

Experiences of online dating can be very different

The heterosexual dating world is the one that I hear most about. That's 'heterosexual', H E T E R O S E X U A L. And that word means male-female couples. In the heterosexual dating world, I find the different experiences that men seem to have and women seem to have quite fascinating. On the whole, I hear from women that they have a much more difficult and challenging time on the dating apps than men do.

Men quite often have a lovely time meeting lots of interesting women and quite quickly finding someone who might become a long-term partner. So presumably that makes the women in those relationships happy as well.

I'm generalising here. 'To generalise', G E N E R A L I S E means 'to talk about what is common in people's experience', ' to talk broadly about people's experience'. But if I 'generalise', many of the women talk about the 'unreliable men' that they date, how inconsistent the men can be when you meet them through an online dating app.

The women are 'left hanging'. They perhaps like the man they've started to date and they hope for further dates. But the man then doesn't contact them and they don't know when the next date will be.

Don't 'ghost'someone!

' Ghosting' is also quite a thing. In the dating world, the verb 'to ghost', that's G H O S T, means that you date someone perhaps a few times and then you 'ghost' them, you completely disappear. You no longer message them. You don't reply to messages or phone calls. You 'ghost' them. You disappear without warning, as though you were a ghost or a spirit.

That's certainly bad manners, I think, at the very least! If you don't want to date someone anymore, then just tell them that! Some of the women become quite despondent. That's D E S P O N D E N T, and it means 'lacking in hope', about the dating experiences that they have.

They begin to wonder whether they're ever going to meet anybody. I don't hear this so much from the men. Maybe the men are having a better time, or maybe men just don't talk about their bad dating experiences in therapy.

It does seem to be an interesting difference. I'm sure sometimes women do 'ghost' men, but I've never heard of an example of this.

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I do think most people find the dating apps quite difficult, though. Quite a difficult experience. And I notice in my research there's quite a movement towards 'dating without dating apps', 'meeting people in real life', the old-fashioned way of doing it. People like this better and seem to find it much easier.

The article that I found particularly interesting, interviewed a number of people who were doing dating without apps. Their advice? And each one of them said it in a slightly different way, but basically, you have to have in your life enough activities that bring you into contact with eligible people, people you might want to date. The kinds of people, the right age, the right gender that you might want to date.

This can be a problem for men and for women who say, work in an industry that doesn't bring them into contact with people the right age and the right gender. And the trend for working from home doesn't help either.

All the people interviewed had a particular interest or a number of interests that brought them into contact with lots of people that they might like to date. And they were confident to use this as well. Quite refreshing in this world of online dating. I'm sure some of the 'bad behavior' that people exhibit in the online dating world wouldn't happen 'in real life'.

Anyway, as ever, we appreciate your comments and your feedback. Tell us about your online dating experiences, or tell us about how you successfully date offline, without using apps.


But first and foremost, as ever, use this podcast to help you improve your English language understanding. Listen to it a number of times until you can understand it all.

Enough for now. Have a lovely day. Speak to you again soon. Goodbye.

Thank you so much for listening. Please help me tell others about this podcast by reviewing or rating it. And, please share it on social media. You can find more listening lessons and a free English course at



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