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Adept English wants to help people learn to speak English fluently. We want to help as many people as possible learn to speak English fluently using modern language acquisition techniques. We believe that learning a language should be easy and fun and should focus on getting this done quickly. That’s our mission.

When we first started producing language lessons and tutorials we did because we just could not find what we wanted online, we searched everywhere and discovered nobody even came close to producing quality modern English language acquisition materials.

Now some 300 English tutorials and lessons later we believe we have helped create some great free, high quality lessons. Along the way as we spoke to our students we discovered other ways we could help and created some courses, a website to support the audio podcasts a YouTube channel and Facebook page to reach out to as many people using the social media they wanted.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
⭐ Eleanor Roosevelt

We are always listening and always trying to do better, we would love to hear from you so don’t be shy send us an email or comment on Facebook or YouTube Channel.

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Transcript: 2019 Has Been Much More Than Free English Tutorials

Hi there and welcome to this latest podcast from Adept English. We are here to help you learn to speak English, fluently and automatically, through our podcasts, our regular English tutorials. So if you would like to move from speaking classroom English to understanding real, authentic spoken English and to speaking it more fluently, keep listening! Learn English speaking and improve your spoken English – with Adept English!

So today I’m going to talk about what’s been happening with Adept English over 2019 – what sort of year we have had? And I’m going to talk about some of the things which we are planning for 2020. So what’s going to be new at Adept English? And I’ll talk about numbers, about statistics, so that will be good practice for you also. If you’ve got IELTS speaking tests coming up, then practice with numbers and statistics is always a good thing.

History of Adept English

So Adept English started in 2016, providing free English lessons, free English tutorials in the form of a weekly podcast. Pretty soon, we moved to doing two podcasts a week, which are published on a Monday and on a Thursday, as you know, and which offer English tutorials, quizzes and help with the aspects of the English language, which learners find difficult. The podcasts go out no matter what’s happening – holidays, Christmas, illness, whatever it is – we always manage to get them out at the same time each week! We also developed our first English speaking course around the same time, which is our free course, The Seven Rules of Adept English and that is the principles upon which Adept English is based. Since then we’ve continued to provide a service for people who want to learn English online, and we’ve developed two courses, two further courses to take you further than the podcasts.


The first was our Course One, Activate Your Listening, which gives you over five hours of English listening material and it’s more structured learning than the podcasts. It’s step by step and it focuses on repeating new vocabulary in different contexts to help you remember it. And then we also developed our Most Common 500 English Words Course. This uses the idea that if you know the most common 500 words in English really well, then you can start to speak, start to join in conversation, with confidence. It’s a very popular course – and the only one I know of, which works on this principle, works using this idea of restricting, limiting the vocabulary to the most common words. Adept English Courses are also available at a very good price, compared to similar courses – and we’ve kept the price the same since the courses were first available. We want as many people as possible to have access to learning English!

Our YouTube Channel

So what sort of year has 2019 been for Adept English? Well, this year, one of the things that’s new is that Adept English started a YouTube Channel channel, with audio and the transcripts built-in as ‘closed captions’. You may not be aware, but if you subscribe to Adept English on YouTube, you can see the written words, the transcript as you listen. We currently have 1,800 subscribers and we’re hoping for many more! So just in case you don’t know about this, why not subscribe to Adept English on YouTube?


Aerial view of London and the River Thames, used in the Adept English year-end English tutorial.

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Adept English Statistics

It’s been a good year for Adept English in terms of our statistics. We started 2019 with 158,000 listeners every month but in November we had 260,000 monthly listeners and we hit 3.5 million podcasts downloaded. So it’s really exciting for us to see how we’re growing – and I just want to say a big thankyou to all of you out there, who listen to us, who subscribe to us, who buy our courses and who support us in all kinds of ways.

Adept English new website

So what else? Well, the current Adept English website was built to to serve thousands of students but we’ve been fortunate enough this year to have hundreds of thousands of students. Our little website has served over 4 million web page views this year alone. So as a consequence, we’re needing to upgrade, we’re needing to improve what we have because of the increase in traffic, the increase in popularity. We also notice that there are more of you accessing the Adept English website on your mobile phones, than on laptops, so work has been ongoing to make a whole new mobile friendly website, which we will be launching in the new year. It will of course still work really well, if you’re on a laptop computer or a desktop computer, but our new website will be much quicker and easier to use, if you’re on a mobile phone. So there’ll be more news on that to come shortly.

Adept English podcast download service

One of the other new things in 2019, was that we started to offer our ‘podcast download service’. If you’re not aware of this then our English tutorials, our English grammar tutorials in the form of podcasts are all available to buy in packs of 50. So currently we have three lots of 50 podcasts available – but very soon, we’ll be up to 200 podcasts being available, so there will be four packs, rather than three. You can buy these packs of podcasts individually, which gives you an enormous amount of English to listen to – or currently you can buy all three as a bundle, for a good price all together. If you have bought all three as a bundle, as a podcast bundle, then when the next lot of 50 podcasts comes out, you’ll get those for free! That’s a bargain – so don’t miss out on that one! We’re aiming not only to provide English tutorials, but to be the best English tutorial online provider, so as keen English language learners, you’ll want to be in on this!

Adept English focus on accent and pronunciation

One of the things that we’ve noticed this year, is that our most popular podcasts are the ones which talk about accent. That’s accent, A-C-C-E-N-T. Accent is your way of pronouncing words, which is different, according to where you’re from. So you will probably speak English with an accent from the country or the language you speak – and we native English speakers all speak English with different accents, depending upon where we’re from too. So accent is a massive topic – and accents can make English more difficult to understand, which those of you who’ve come to the UK have probably found out, especially if you go to stay or live somewhere other than the South East of England! Accents can make it really difficult to understand. So I know that you’ve appreciated help with understanding accents – and we’ll certainly do more of that in 2020.

Buy an Adept English Course

But this interest in accent and pronunciation, also prompted me to start working on a whole new course for Adept English, a pronunciation course. A course which helps English language learners improve their pronunciation. And this has taken far longer than anticipated, but this new course on English pronunciation will be launching, will be available in 2020. So I will have more news on that in the new year – so look out for that one! Other projects – we’re hoping to do more video next year and to take forward the idea of producing unique content, new material as part of our podcast bundles, so available to those people who buy the podcast bundles only – but again, more news on that in the new year.

Adept English loves to hear from you!

One of the greatest pleasures in doing Adept English, is in receiving your feedback. We get lovely emails from people – it’s really touching sometimes – when you tell us how Adept English has helped you pass your English language exams or how the improvement in your English, through listening to Adept English, has helped you get a new job.

Download The Podcast Audio & Transcript

That is a massive motivation for us, that we are actually making a difference in people’s lives. It’s really strange for me to think of so many people listening, but we love to hear from you! Let’s make it even more of a two-way conversation. Send us your stories, send us your feedback. We do love to hear from you! So finally, I just want to say again, a big thankyou to you, our Adept English audience. Whatever your religion, or not religion, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for New Year, for 2020.


Enough for now. Have a lovely day. Speak to you again soon. Goodbye.

PS: Maybe This Section Should Be A Blog Entry

Do you know, I have no idea how many people bother to read to the PS in every lesson? I put the PS in mostly to help me share my thoughts about English lesson topics or things that have happened, like an email from an English student or a question asked on social media. The PS is a place I guess most people would call a blog, and maybe I will put these PS sections as separate blog posts in 2020.

When I was writing this English tutorial, I looked at our website and podcast listener statistics it made me feel proud and a little scared. To think 350,000+ people spend a little of their time listening to my little voice every month. It gives me a great sense of responsibility one I will not take lightly.

I know in this year-end update you are meant to be super positive, but, it’s not all been easy though. We’ve struggled with so many people, much more than we expected, trying to download our lessons. We’ve had to create a UK company to comply with EU and UK privacy and tax laws. We had to change from using free resources on the internet, like royalty free images, to paid licensed images and a bunch of growing pains on top of getting quality lessons out to our listeners.

None of it would have been possible without the help of our students who listen to us and those students who have bought courses to help themselves and to allow Adept English to help so many new English language learners as we go into 2020.




The voice of Adeptenglish, loves English and wants to help people who want to speak English fluently.
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