Listening Practice Will Help Your English Skills Ep 567

Digital Art of Lausanne in Switzerland. Practise your English listening skills as you listen to short stories, articles and conversations.

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If You Want To Become A Good English Speaker Listen To English as Much as You Can

Listen to short stories, articles and conversations in English to improve your listening skills.

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Most Unusual Words:

  • Podcast: An online audio program that you can listen to anytime.
  • Reunion: A meeting or gathering with people you have not seen for a long time.
  • Lockdown: A situation where people are not allowed to enter or leave a place, usually to prevent the spread of a disease.
  • Catch-up: A conversation where you find out the latest news from a person or situation.
  • Ecological: Related to the science of how plants, animals, and people are related to each other and their environment.
  • Idioms: Phrases or expressions that have a different meaning from the literal definition of the individual words.
  • Neuroscience: The scientific study of the brain and nervous system.
  • Pronunciation: The way in which a word is said.
  • Transcript: A written or printed version of a conversation, speech, etc.
  • Discount: A reduction in the usual price.

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Transcript: Listening Practice Will Help Your English Skills

Hi there. So today it's another really short podcast, because guess what? I've come back from France. I was in the UK for a day and now I've gone to Switzerland. So apologies, I'm on holiday again! But it's only a short holiday this time.


Digital art of 5 life long girl friends. Learning to listen is the most effective way of improving your spoken English.

ยฉ๏ธ Adept English 2022

A little bit about my holiday? I have a group of friends who I was at school with, so people that I've known since I was 11, 11 years old. And we're still friends, the five of us. And we are meeting in Switzerland because one of the friends is currently working in Lausanne in Switzerland for a few years. So we're going to visit her there and have a 'get- together', a reunion. This friendship group is really important to me and throughout the pandemic and the lockdown, the five of us have had a call on a Sunday night, a WhatsApp call usually, and we've just had a catch-up.

And even though the pandemic means that we're not locked down anymore and you could say it's pretty much over, we still meet for a conversation most Sunday nights. So that's quite nice as we're spread all over the place and it's a great way of keeping in touch. So this will be a short holiday, but will be very nice and I think some swims in the lake and some walks are planned for us. And I think there might be some wine being drunk and maybe a gin or two, but we'll see.

That's where I am this week, so in the absence of there being a full proper podcast, then I encourage you again, to look on the website and other places where our most recent 75 podcasts are available.

There are podcasts on all sorts of topics. Some of them are on grammar and idioms and the English language and how to learn English. So sometimes it's the theory of learning and different habits that you can instill to help you learn English in a better way, or in a way that gives you the most result for the amount of time you've spent on it. I'm a fan of that!

Sometimes it's on health and science and neuroscience and psychology and the brain. Sometimes it's on ecological things. Sometimes it's just on the news. Sometimes it's my personal opinion or experience, but all of it is great for learning English. And I tend to spell out the more difficult words and draw your attention to the more difficult words and give you a vocabulary explanation.

So hopefully that helps you with your English language learning. And my aim is to give you something interesting to listen to, even though it's an English language podcast, doesn't need to be boring. So I'm sure there are some podcasts that you've missed. You probably haven't listened to all of them. So please feel free to go and find one to listen to in place of today's podcast.

And I will be back as normal with you soon.

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I hope you enjoy whatever you're doing just at the end of this summer, if it indeed it is summer for you. I know that's not the case for everybody. And I will be back with some great new podcasts for you in September.

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Enough for now. Have a lovely day. Speak to you again soon. Goodbye.



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