No Excuses Keep Practising Your English Listening Ep 565

A digital art stain glass window of a village in the south of France. No Excuses Practice Your English Listening Skills

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Holiday English Listening Practice

Today's English lesson is a short one, you can find out why by listening!

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Transcript: No Excuses Keep Practising Your English Listening

Hi, there. Today's podcast is a little bit different. It's really just a short message because I'm going to be on holiday this week. It's kind of like an 'out of office' email, if you know what I mean by that? So just a little bit about my holiday. I'm going to be in the south of France this week, visiting my sister and my nieces and my two great nephews.


Digital art of a dreamy stain glass window of Hilary in France. No Excuses Keep Practising Your English Listening Skills

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We've been going there since my sister moved to France in 1989. So the village where they live is very familiar to us. There are also lots of dogs and cats and a horse to entertain us. I think it's going to be very hot and sunny. And I know the south of France is very droughted at the moment. So it has drought, D R O U G H T.

That means there's not been much rainfall and everything is pretty dry. And it's very similar in the UK at the moment as well, though we are forecast some rain.

So I think we'll have a good time. It'll be very 'mix and match' and very family- orientated. My sister is a very good cook and I think also we have some outings organized and it will be warm enough to swim in the river and perhaps do a pedalo trip as well, if you know what one of those is?

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So that is my week-long holiday in the south of France, staying with my family. And in the meantime, if you would like a podcast to listen to, remember that there are always 75 free podcasts available with Adept English, you can find them on our website or on the usual platform where you listen.

Don't forget as well, if 75 free podcasts isn't quite enough, you can also go to our website and buy podcasts in bundles of 50. Really good value for money! And it gives you lots of lovely English language listening practice.

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So that's it for now. I will see you again when I'm back from my holiday.

Enough for now. Have lovely day. Speak to you again soon. Goodbye.

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