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A teenager holding a world globe. English speaking geography practice in todays English podcast lesson.

World geography english speaking terms and phrases practice ep 462

The more you listen to the news, the more you hear about climate change and people speaking in Engli…...

Photo of smiling woman using headphones and smartphone. Practice copying what I say in this English speaking topic.

More irregular verb practice in this english speaking topic part 2 ep 456

Back in an English language lesson podcast in May I started talking about tricky irregular English v…...

Young nerdy woman with purple hair using her smartphone and smiling. English speaking practice lesson talking about people who are on the autism spectrum.

Understanding autism an english speaking practice topic ep 452

Today’s English speaking practice podcast lesson may feel a little random, you could say it’s coming…...

This illustration, created at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses. Practice your English listening while you learn about vaccines in the UK.

Mrna and traditional vaccines explained for non-science people ep 445

The UK has jabbed 74 million arms, with covid-19 vaccinations. Yet most people don’t understand the …...

A customer paying for goods at a checkout. Being polite in English conversation takes a little understanding of British culture and the use of softened English language.

How to have a polite english conversation ep 440

How to be polite is important to us British. The British, as a rule, go out of our way to maintain p…...

A photograph of the Alpe di Siusi or Seiser Alm and mountains, Dolomites Alps, Italy. English irregular verbs in today's English lesson.

We practice irregular verbs in this english speaking topic ep 438

Today we are going to practice English irregular verbs. One of the fastest ways for an English langu…...

Children playing together in the UAE. In this English speaking topic we learn much about learning English vocabulary by observing the way children learn.

English speaking topics the difference between expressive and receptive vocabulary ep 433

If you are learning a new language it’s normal to think, hmm I’ve been doing this for weeks or month…...

A man sat down using a computer. Computers are growing more important in everyone's lives, but what happens when they go wrong?

An english conversation about miscarriage of justice ep 432

🛒Older Podcasts

Looking back at this podcast, I worried I was covering an English topic that was only useful for peo…...

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