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A zoomed in photo of an English dictionary. This English grammar podcast lesson on present tense is perfect for English language learners of all levels, providing simple explanations and easy-to-follow exercises.

PRESENT TENSE Fully Explained With Examples As We Listen And Learn English Grammar Ep 524

The Present Tense in English: We’re going to work on the present tense in our English grammar lesson today. I want to get you thinking about how you can use your knowledge of the tenses to your advantage when speaking. We use tenses to explain when an action takes place, and explaining when an action takes place is an important part of ALL our everyday conversations.


March 28, 2022

💬 Words: 3084

Length 16 min

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A photograph of an African business woman sending an email. Learn English grammar through this podcast that covers all the rules you need to know, with plenty of examples, to use modal verbs correctly.

3 Simple Rules for Using MODALS Correctly-Learning English Grammar Ep 502

Today we fix any mistakes you might make with English modal verbs. With just 3 simple rules, you will eliminate the main issues you can think of when using these tricky verbs. If you have been having problems with learning English modal verb grammar, you must listen to this podcast.


January 10, 2022

💬 Words: 2515

Length 13 min

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A busy UK Motorway with a man and a surprised face. We will teach you the fundamentals of learning English grammar. It’s time to talk about Exclamations!

She is Pregnant! How To Express Your Joy Using The English Grammar Of Exclamations Ep 487

Today’s lesson is about the English grammar of exclamations, and the language used in expressing emotions. The grammar of exclamations can get complicated because there are different kinds of exclamations, each with specific rules on how to use them. In this lesson, you will learn specific exclamations to talk about how you feel in response to hearing some news someone has just told you. To keep you on your toes, we have a quiz at the end of the podcast where you can practice what you’ve learned.


November 18, 2021

💬 Words: 2465

Length 13 min

📮 grammar

Close-up photograph of a pair of dices. Learning about the common adverbs used in probability in this English grammar lesson.

How To Talk About Probability In This Learn English Grammar Podcast Ep 472

In this English language grammar lesson, we further our understanding of adverbs and their use when discussing probability in everyday English conversations. Today we will hear about the contrast between terms such as certainty and probably, and communicating with others using the English language by getting comfortable with probabilities.


September 27, 2021

💬 Words: 2101

Length 11 min

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A photograph of water, today we discuss uncountable nouns in English grammar. Water being one of those words you never put an A before or S after.

Learn English Grammar As We Explain Uncountable Nouns Ep 448

English grammar is far more complicated than it needs to be. The English language has collected a lot of anachronistic language rules, so many that over time the language regularly breaks its own English grammar rules. Or as we like to say, there are some exceptions to the rule, begging the question, why have rules if you don’t follow them!


July 05, 2021

💬 Words: 2260

Length 12 min

📮 grammar

A green-eyed woman in stylish grey outfit listening to Adept English. Today we learn about English grammar focusing on the use of a prefix.

Learn English Grammar And Discover Common English Prefixes Ep 436

In today’s English grammar lesson, we talk about adding a prefix to an English word to change its meaning. We’ve talked about prefix and suffixes in previous English lessons. Today we focus on prefix rather than suffix, using a lot of interesting examples.


May 24, 2021

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