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A photo of a large ginger pussy cat on a fence. Improve your English grammar with these helpful tips!

Simple Tips to Improve Your English Grammar Ep 604

Learning English grammar can be confusing, but understanding the basics of “there is” and “there are” is relatively straightforward. This lesson will help you understand when to use which phrase and how to use them in positive and negative sentences, questions, and answers. We’ll also provide some tips on avoiding common mistakes and discuss alternative ways of expressing the same idea. With this lesson, you’ll be able to master the use of “there is” and “there are” in English.


January 05, 2023

💬 Words: 1861

Length 10 min

📮 grammar

A weathered brass plaque which says word. Watch this English video lesson if you want to learn how to use English contractions.

English Contractions Quick Guide For Beginners And ESL Students Ep 587

Today we are going to cover English contractions. The most common ones, the ones you will hear native English speakers using repeatedly, all day long. This is an English grammar lesson which will help beginners grasp the use of contractions. It’s a great lesson recap for ESL students, with a short quiz at the end of the lesson to make sure you understand them.


November 03, 2022

💬 Words: 2339

Length 12 min

📮 grammar

A group of young adults drinking at a table at night. Are you learning English? Stop making these grammar mistakes before it's too late!

Fix 2 Common English Grammar Mistakes Ep 557

Today we talk about 2 grammatical errors. Errors so common even native English speakers don’t realize they’re making them. We are going to identify, understand and fix these two English grammar mistakes, so you sound more fluent when speaking English. As always, we give you lots of examples to explain the problem and today we even have a quiz to check your understanding. So click play and start listening to learn English.


July 21, 2022

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