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A photograph of a chimpanzee.  Tune in to challenge your English listening abilities while exploring thought-provoking topics like psychology!

Why Do Experts Trash This Bestseller Ep 687

Dive into a critical review of the controversial book 'The Chimp Paradox' with Adept English. This engaging podcast lesson offers an alternative viewpoint on human emotions and behaviour. Improve your English listening skills while exploring emotional intelligence, psychology, and psychotherapy. Perfect for learners at all levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—looking to expand their vocabulary and sharpen their English fluency. Discover the psychology behind language learning, tips for mastering English exams, and the richness of British culture and idioms. Listen now and elevate your understanding of emotional development and the human brain, all while enhancing your English proficiency.


October 23, 2023

Created with the help of Zola and Bulma