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What is a low hanging fruit ep 263

🛒Older Podcasts

The expression **low-hanging fruit** is used to describe achieving a result with little effort. This…...

How to learn spoken english deja vu ep 261

🛒Older Podcasts

If you are here reading this, then you probably want to learn to **speak English**. Learning how to …...

Spoken english conversation staycation ep 255

🛒Older Podcasts

In today’s lesson we practice spoken English conversation and explain the _portmanteau_ word **Stayc…...

English words for hair colour ep 253

🛒Older Podcasts

Today’s English podcast lesson we will talk about the English words used to describe the colour of y…...

Common english words for travel ep 250

🛒Older Podcasts

A lot of English language students confuse these common English words: travel, travelling, trip, jou…...

English phrases shades of grey and black and white ep 245

🛒Older Podcasts

Lot’s of English-speaking practice in this lesson, using listen, and repeat to get you to grow the E…...

English phrases not in the dictionary ep 239

🛒Older Podcasts

Learn common English phrases used in everyday conversational English. In today's podcast, along with…...

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