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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
A view of the gulf of Naples by night, with a volcano in the background. Today we have a hot English conversation about volcanos and lava.

Volcanos and lava in a conversation with english listening practice ep 415

We have many interesting geological structures in the UK, but we are missing one. The UK has no acti…...

A photograph of various sweet biscuits popular in the UK and the US. In todays English lesson the topic is British biscuits while we practice our English listening skills.

Discover british biscuits in this listening practice english lesson ep 413

In today’s English lesson we talk about British biscuits. As you probably know the UK is a nation of…...

A photograph of a female student listening to an audio book on her headphones. You could be improving your spoken English by listening to our new updated 500 most common English words audio book course.

Learn to speak english efficiently through focused english listening ep 412

Over the years we have had many comments and conversations about which language has the most words, …...

A photograph of an old man and his glasses. With age comes wisdom and silliness in equal measure. In this English lesson to practice English conversation comprehension.

Practice an everyday conversation with english speakers ep 407

This English lesson is a conversation in English about news in the UK. All you have to do is sit bac…...

A photo of a toy red car in snow. This whole English practice conversation is about a very long and difficult car journey.

You are hardwired to listen to stories and conversations in english ep 399

Today’s English lesson is simple. All we ask is that you sit back and enjoy a short English listenin…...

A graphic of a doctor holding model of brain in clinic, as we explain the science behind the Adept English way of learning to speak a English.

What happens in your brain when you learn a second language ep 398

Well, it has been a busy start to 2021, we’ve received a lot of emails with lots of questions. I tho…...

Dusk at Eilean Donan castle, a place for the wealthy to hide as people start to suggest it's the wealthy who should pay for the pandemic. And English listening mp3 lesson.

English listening mp3 lesson on who pays for the pandemic ep 397

Today’s English listening mp3 lesson is going to talk about the English language used when talking a…...

Portrait of a smiling young African woman, thinking about today's Adept English quiz!

Practice your english conversation with a little quiz ep 393

I am sure many of you are busy with the coming holiday, I know I am. It is nearly time to say goodby…...

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