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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
A photograph of Antwerp sewer. In todays English conversation listening practice we talk about the sewers of London.

Conversations in english be careful what you put down the sink ep 449

Listening is one of the fastest ways to pick up a new language. It’s how we all learned our first la…...

Photograph of an American alligator swimming in Everglades. Learn about a brave girl who punches one of these in this English listening practice lesson.

Amazingly brave women in this english listening practice lesson ep 447

Repeat English listening practice is the core of the Adept English approach to helping you with beco…...

A doctor examining an MRI scan. Today's practice English conversation is all about new neuroscience that could help us look after our brains.

You need to look after your brain starting today ep 444

Our brains are amazing biological machines, and if you’ve listened to my English language learning p…...

A photograph of a woman working from home with her children bothering her. This looks like an interesting English listening comprehension lesson on WFH

Working from home wfh a practice conversation in english ep 442

Working from home has gone from being rare to commonplace during the pandemic. There are positive an…...

A photograph of a lady eating fast food. Let's practice listening to English language spoken natively and learning about intermittent fasting at the same time.

Learn about intermittent fasting in this english listening practice lesson ep 441

Today we talk about fasting in our English listening practice. There are lots of reasons for fasting…...

A photograph of a woodland park path. We visit Londons parks in todays English language listening practice.

Discover london green spaces in this english listening practice topic ep 439

London is looking busy once more, the city is coming back to life. Today we talk about London, it’s …...

Someone looking very tired of having to wait on a telephone. Today our we ask you to decide if todays English conversation practice is an opinion or a rant.

English listening practice is it a rant or an opinion piece ep 435

Today’s English listening practice is a conversation that you get to decide if the content is a rant…...

Photograph of a young lady undertaking a brainwave EEG or Electroencephalograph Examination in a Clinic. As we discuss what goes on in a language learners brain?

What is going on inside a language learners brain ep 431

For most of us, thinking about how our brains work is pretty low on the day’s to-do list. We just le…...

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