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A while ago we were asked to how to get the best out of each of these lessons, and we produced a dedicated lesson which helps you maximize the benefits of listening to a lesson, you can jump to that great article here.
A photo of post-it notes highlighting the feelings of an anxious person. Tips for overcoming your anxiety about engaging in English conversations that will help you develop confidence in all areas of your life.

Anxiety in language learning and tips to overcome it ep 523

Tips to overcome nervousness in English conversations. An often overlooked but major learning obstac…...

A photograph of Ukrainian refugees. English Listening Practice through conversations and that helps improve natural, everyday spoken language. Each podcast delivers quality listening practice, covering lots of interesting topics.

English listening practice-can we all agree war is bad and we should stop it ep 522

With so many wars in the world, I thought today we should have an English listening podcast about ki…...

A photograph of the COVID memorial wall in London. We can help you learn English and reach your goals. We have lots of free podcasts which will help you prepare for tests and improve your English skills.

Gain confidence in english conversation practice chatting about a trip to london ep 520

Today our lesson is an everyday English conversation to help improve your English listening comprehe…...

A photo of a typical British kitchen. Learn to speak British English with this breakfast vocabulary podcast. Expand your vocabulary and make communication easy with this fun and educational podcast!

Learn the vocabulary and pronunciation of a british kitchen in english ep 519

This British breakfast vocabulary podcast for language learners will help you improve your comprehen…...

A stressed woman working late at the office. Tips to help you manage stress while you improve your English language listening skills. Advice to ease your stress, so you’ll have a better time at work and at home.

English listening practice-stress and how to avoid it ep 514

Stress! We all suffer from it in our lives. Today’s English listening practice picks up from a previ…...

A man sitting at a desk working from home. Today’s English listening practice is all about the way we work, and how it has changed for millions of people over the last two years.

English listening practice-5 reasons working from home can be bad for you ep 512

Today, I’m going to talk about 5 problems that people have had working in their own homes over the p…...

Scientists collaborating in a laboratory. In this English listening practice episode, you’ll get to listen to great English audio, designed for English language learners like yourself.

English listening practice that will mess with your mind ep 509

I’m back with another episode of English Listening Practice. English listening practice is never bor…...

A smiling boy holding cup and string telephone to ear. Learning English from genuine conversations has never been so easy. You won’t find a better conversation lesson to improve your English Listening skills.

Listening practice-a conversation in english about the tonga volcano eruption ep 507

An English listening practice lesson where we have a conversation in English about an interesting to…...

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