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Listen & Learn Lessons Are Popular ​With over 3 Million Listens

We have created hundereds of English listening lessons over the years. You might not know this but only the latest 75 lessons are available to listen to on podcast streaming services. So if you want to listen to or read the transcripts for the other 200 lessons you will need to download them from our website.

The good news is, you can download all the old back catalogue lessons from our website. The bad news is it's difficult to find the podcasts individually and it's takes quite a lot of your time to download each lesson.

That is why we created the podcast back catalogue bundles. A single place to catch-up on the Adept English podcast lessons. Download 50 lessons at a time or all 150 in one massive MEGA bundle in just a few minutes.

Why Do You Need Them?

In just a few minutes you can download a lot of quality English listening mp3 audio lessons, with these benefits: ​

  • If your new to our podcasts and have not been downloading them from the very beginning (3 years now) then you might have missed some of the earlier "Golden Oldie" podcasts so you can quickly download all the old podcasts you may have missed out on.
  • Maybe you just want to make your own custom playlists with 150 podcasts to choose from you can put together your own favorites album for any occasion, maybe a playlist to focus on grammar or maybe one for pronunciation, if you have all the files, you can choose how you group them.
  • It's a lot of listening, with 5-10 minutes or more per podcast and 150 podcasts you have over ​24 hours of continuous listening with all the associated transcripts.
  • If you want to own your own collection of all the Adept English podcasts, then this is by fast the fastest way to get started.
  • If you want to listen to Adept English without using the Internet or need to play the files on a device that cannot stream podcast files then downloading up to 150 podcast mp3 files will make your life a lot simpler. ​

All the files are available for free via the Adept English website, but it will take you a lot of time to individually like or share each file and then download it. This way is much faster and we've done all the hard work for you.

250,000 People Listen To These Adept English English Lessons Every Month

It works and there are many benefits to you.

  • Adept English uses a ‘learn through listening’ technique, which can help you with many common English language learning problems.
  • Adept English courses have helped people in every stage of their career.
  • Competition for promotion at work gets harder every year. You cannot ignore the advantage English fluency gives you.
  • Speaking English will improve your relationships with English speaking customers and work colleagues.
  • English is the international language of choice for diplomacy, science, mathematics, computing, flying, sailing and the internet. ​* English helps you at work. Speaking English fluently will help you enjoy your success more.

A Few Words From ​Hilary

Hi I'm the person who built and designed the "Listen & Learn" learning method dnd founded Adeptenglish, it's my voice you hear when you listen to the English language lesson podcasts.

I’ve been a language learner for many years. My first degree is in Latin – so I understand grammar very well – and this background means that my understanding of English grammar is excellent! But Latin is a ‘dead language’ and it seems to me that many courses teach modern languages as though they are ‘dead’ too. Consequently, like you, I have struggled to become fluent in a foreign language.

But I’ve now built a method of learning language, which we call "Listen & Learn", which has made an enormous difference to me – and I want to share that with you. This method uses the way your brain naturally learns.

This caught my attention because as well as being a language student, I have also worked as a psychotherapist for the last 18 years. The psychology of learning is of great interest to me and it could really help you too. Understanding how your brain learns language can really make a difference!

There are many benefits to the Adept English system of learning

  • Its a very different teaching method, better than traditional language courses.
  • You start ‘thinking in English’ first, so speaking in English is much easier.
  • The system helps you leverage your basic knowledge of the English language, and quickly become fluent.
  • This approach to learning is not hard work – and in fact, learning this way is enjoyable.
  • The method is based on the functioning of the brain so it works with your brain, not against it!
  • It works for everyone, you learn English like a child learning their first language.
  • The method stops you translating from English into your own language and back again.
  • When you pay for the course it will arrive immediately in your email in-box. You can download the course and start straight away.


Learn More About The HUGE Back Catalogue All 150 Podcasts

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30 Day Guarantee

‘We are confident that most people will like and be happy with our Adept English courses. However, if you are not satisfied, send us an email within 30 days of your purchase, giving your reasons and we will reimburse you. We will give you your money back anyway, but we always want to improve our service, so please tell us why as your feedback is always welcome. We give you this guarantee because we are confident that most people will find our courses helpful and good value for money’

PS One last thing…

We know the first step is always the hardest! Our way of learning really does focus on making things easy for you, our course will help you find time to learn and keep motivated.

Ask yourself one question: Will learning to speak English really make a difference? If the answer is yes then do not miss out on the opportunity to learn English using our simple and effective language course.

Created with the help of Zola and Bulma