Conversations In English - Can I Read And Listen On My Mobile?

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Is There An Adept English Mobile App?

The short answer is no, you don't need one! We sat down and discussed this in Adept English nearly a year ago, and we decided that what we do here at Adept English is provide English language students with high quality, unique English language learning content and lessons. The value in what we do, is not some software app it's the Listen & Learn system supported with lots of valuable free English language learning content.

Let's be honest about this, the reality is you will have already chosen the best app to help you listen to music and podcasts on your mobile phone. If Adept English came along and said, STOP using your favourite music app and use our app instead, what would you say? I know we would say NO WAY! So, we decided that actually it would just be better to provide our audio content on all the best podcast streaming services like Spotify and iTunes.

Our Killer Mobile App

Our approach to helping you learn to speak English is to listen to audio and if you need more help, you can read the transcripts we provide. The only cool idea we came up with that technology or software could help us with was possibly showing the transcript words as you listened.

We did consider building a mobile app for this, but in a moment of genius we actually discovered a way to do this without having to create a new mobile app and convince all of our listeners to use that app. Using closed captions on videos would be the perfect way to show our transcript text as the audio plays along. Closed caption technology has been around a long time, it works really well and best of all video streaming services on YouTube and Facebook support it, which means it's free and millions of mobile phones support it.

So once again without having to ask 100,000's of our listeners to download, install and use a special application we could just produce our audio podcasts as video and create custom closed captions. Today on YouTube you can visit our channel and start doing this right away.

If You Can Think Of Something To Help Us Improve What We Do, Then Tell Us!

If you use what we do and you can think of a way of us improving what we do then please email us, our email addresses are at the bottom of every page on this website.

It could be something big or small, a good example would be that a while back a student of ours who used iTunes to listen to us, emailed us and said we were not providing an iTunes compatible category in the MP3 file, so they could not sort on Artist in iTunes, we took a look at it and now we do provide proper iTunes categories. It's a small thing but it helps a lot of iPhone users.

Learn More About The HUGE Back Catalogue All 200 Podcasts

If you don't like streaming your podcasts you can always download them and play them locally. No need for the internet. You can download the files from our website, or if you don't have the time to download each of the 200+ files then you could always pay a small fee and get all of the 200 back catalogue podcasts in one easy, fast download.

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