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Hi there you are listening to Adept English and this is a listen and learn podcast. My name is Hilary and I created this listen and learn method to help you speak English fluently. It's much more enjoyable if you learn English in the way that your brain naturally wants to learn. I live in the United Kingdom. I'm a native English speaker. And I love helping the hundreds of thousands of students who listen to us every month.

Every week we give you two English lessons in the form of podcasts. So listen to Adept English. You'll be on your way to speaking fluent English in no time.

📮 grammar

A photograph of a confused woman. If you are looking for a great way to master the use of TO and FOR in English, you can learn everything that you need to know from this English grammar podcast lesson.

How To Use TO And FOR Correctly And Improve Your ESL English Grammar Ep 501

Today we will make sure you use TO and FOR correctly in your English. So, if you are looking to avoid mistakes that make you sound like an English language learner or you are looking for high scores in your IELTS exams both written and spoken, this is the podcast English lesson for you!


January 06, 2022

💬 Words: 2834

Length 15 min

📮 listening

A frustrated man with a monster on his shoulder. In today's English conversation about procrastination, I talk about why we let so many minutes, hours and days pass us by unproductively. I give you some strategies for getting on track in the New Year, before you lose another year to distraction.

How To Beat The Procrastination Monster In 2022 Ep 500

Today we get rid of the procrastination monster! In our first English conversation listening podcast, of 2022. We all know that procrastination makes little sense. And for some people, it’s a habit they find difficult to get out of. If you’re always waiting until the last minute to get things done and you plan on improving your English language fluency this year, then this is the podcast to listen to.


January 03, 2022

💬 Words: 2905

Length 15 min

📮 listening

A photograph of a woman waving through a window. Our English lessons are always interesting and designed to keep you engaged and focuses on what you are listening to. Listen to us and you’ll want to learn more! You’ll never get bored learning with us.

Hello 2022 Wave Goodbye To 2021 Try To Forget 2020 English Listening Practice Numbers Ep 499

This is an English lesson where you get to practice listening to Numbers. Today we say hello to 2022, and we wave goodbye to 2021, and try to forget 2020. Talking about numbers naturally in a new language is always tricky, so today we will help explain how we use numbers in everyday English conversations.


December 30, 2021

💬 Words: 1807

Length 10 min

📮 speaking

An amazing view of an alpine lake, a wonder of nature. Today we will look at many different examples of common English words and phrases that you can use more effectively to sound more natural when speaking English.

STOP Using Boring Words And Say What You Mean In Your English Conversations Ep 498

Today we will learn about a quick and easy way to sound more natural when speaking English. Improving your vocabulary for the most commonly used English words and phrases will make a tremendous difference to how engaging and articulate you sound. Listen to this English lesson and what you say will immediately sound more appealing. Listeners will understand what you are saying more clearly and want to hear more.


December 27, 2021

💬 Words: 2636

Length 14 min

📮 phrases

A photograph of gift bags lined up and a child's legs. Common English words that will help you share ideas and have conversations at Christmas.

How About Some Common English Words At Christmas? Ep 497

Looking to improve your language skills this holiday season? Check out this curated list of common English words and phrases that we’ll prove useful during the holidays. In today’s English podcast, we cover festive vocabulary and common English phrases used at this time of year.


December 23, 2021

💬 Words: 2106

Length 11 min

📮 speaking

A photograph of a man practising speaking to a mirror. If you really want to learn to speak English well and be able to think with native-like fluency, there are simple proven strategies. I'll share these strategies in today's free English lesson.

How To Think In English Without Translating In Your Head Ep 496

If you want to become an effective English language speaker and thinker, there are a few simple strategies that can make it happen. Listen to today’s English podcast lesson to find out more. You’re going to become a stronger English speaker.


December 20, 2021

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