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Hi there you are listening to Adept English and this is a listen and learn podcast. My name is Hilary and I created this listen and learn method to help you speak English fluently. It's much more enjoyable if you learn English in the way that your brain naturally wants to learn. I live in the United Kingdom. I'm a native English speaker. And I love helping the hundreds of thousands of students who listen to us every month.

Every week we give you two English lessons in the form of podcasts. So listen to Adept English. You'll be on your way to speaking fluent English in no time.

📮 listening

A screenshot of the British Sun newspaper reporting on the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. Start improving your conversations skills today by listening in on our English conversation lessons.

Learn English With A Conversation About Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Trial Ep 544

We can all learn from the recent trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial is raising awareness about domestic abuse being a two-way street. If you want to learn how to speak English conversationally, then this podcast is a great place for you to practice following an English conversation. I think you’ll find my conclusions don’t match the views of most of the online commentary.


June 06, 2022

💬 Words: 2720

Length 14 min

📮 listening

A photograph of an example platinum Jubilee 2022 Pudding. Practice your English listening skills with this listening exercise, which will help you understand what native speakers really sound like.

British English Listening Practice With Subtitles-Platinum Jubilee 2022 Ep 543

Hello, and welcome to this English listening practice podcast. Today we are talking about the British Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022, while we improve your English listening skills. In this lesson, you will learn all about the UK monarchy while you learn English. The important thing for successful listening practice is to listen to a lot of authentic material and familiarize yourself with the patterns and the feeling of it. And if you have a sweet tooth, listen to the end to find out about an amazing pudding!


June 02, 2022

💬 Words: 2251

Length 12 min

📮 listening

A photo of a lush green forest. If you want to learn English better, then why not try listening to a story about forest bathing? You might be surprised how good it makes you feel!

English Listening Practice-Forest Bathing And Walking Your Way To A Longer Life Ep 542

It’s just English listening practice. Like an English teacher, but much cheaper because it’s FREE! It’s something that you can do pretty much anywhere. It’s an interesting English lesson, and all you have to do is listen to improve your English language skills. In this lesson, you also get something that’s good in your body and good for your brain.


May 30, 2022

💬 Words: 3039

Length 16 min

📮 listening

Arial photograph of the UK Houses of Parliament on a stormy day. Listening to these news reports will help you improve your English listening skills.

English Listening Practice For English Learners UK News May 2022 Ep 541

Today we have an English listening practice lesson about news in the UK. Listening to this podcast will improve your English listening and comprehension skills by immersing you in the language. Listening to the news in English is good for conversations, IELTS and TOEFL. In fact, it’s great listening practice, no matter what your objectives are!


May 26, 2022

💬 Words: 2438

Length 13 min

📮 grammar

A photo of neighbourhood street party. In this lesson you will learn about conditionals: what they are, what their forms and meanings are, how to practice using them in conversation and how to avoid common mistakes that others make.

ESL English Grammar-The 4 Conditionals Explained Ep 540

English language learners often struggle with the English grammar concept of conditionals. In this lesson, I’ll explain the 4 conditional types in a straightforward way, along with examples of each type and its use. As a bonus, there is even a quiz at the end of the lesson to check you have improved your understanding.


May 23, 2022

💬 Words: 2586

Length 13 min

📮 listening

A photo of a lady veterinary doctor with a cat. Improve your English listening skills and understand native speakers in everyday conversations by listening to these easy to follow English podcasts.

English Listening Practice-A Trip To The Vet Ep 539

Today, you’ll get the opportunity to practice your English listening skills with a podcast that uses natural conversational English. The topic is about my pet cats and a trip to the veterinary service. You will pick up lots of useful vocabulary and get an insight into pet ownership in the UK.


May 19, 2022

Created with the help of Zola and Bulma