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A photograph of horses in Iceland. Wild horses in a group. Horses on the Westfjord in Iceland. Discussed in this English lesson when we talked about furry coats to help survive in the cold weather.

Horse Idioms English Lesson Ep 366

A recent comment on YouTube, which suggested that idioms make English interesting, got me thinking about English idioms. It has been a while since I last did an English idiom lesson, so today we are going to talk about a horse idiom I heard being used on BBC Radio 4.


September 21, 2020

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2201

โณ Length 12 min

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A photograph of some walking boots used to help explain the English idiom too big for your boots

English Idioms That Are Too Big For Their Boots Ep 349

I was talking to a British colleague of mine about Adept English recently and mentioned that one of our English lessons will be on English idioms. They said nobody uses idioms that much anymore, and I laughed because the music on the radio at that very moment was Stormzy, a popular English rapper, was literally rapping a song about an English idiom at that very moment. The English use idioms all the time!


July 23, 2020

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 1709

โณ Length 9 min

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A photograph of a black forest Pavlova cake with a cherry on top, used to help explain the English idiom the cherry on top of the cake.

Three English Idioms Which Are The Same In French Ep 339

Today we examine 3 common English idioms. English idioms are a pain to learn for new English language learners. We try to make it fun and interesting, so much so you might like these awkward parts of the English language when we finish with them.


June 18, 2020

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 1934

โณ Length 10 min

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Attentive red fox focusing on the hunting in the autumnal and gloomy forest, used to help explain the English idiom beat around the bush.

English Lesson On Popular Idioms That Get To The Point Ep 330

Well, itโ€™s been nearly a month since we last discussed an English idiom, so in today's English lesson we will jump right in and learn some phrases you would almost definitely hear in everyday English conversations at work or home.


May 18, 2020

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 1817

โณ Length 10 min

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A photograph of a lady enjoying a breath of fresh air, used to help explain a popular English idiom.

How To Speak English Listening To Native English Speakers Ep 318

Adept English is all about helping you to speak English quickly and fluently, just like a native English speaker. We have helped 100,000โ€™s of students improve their spoken English through our listen and learn approach to speaking English.


April 06, 2020

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2017

โณ Length 11 min

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A woman with red hair holding shopping bags in the air, having been up and down the high-street shopping.

5 Useful Motion Idioms And Phrases In English Sentences Ep 303

Today we will talk about English sentences that make little sense unless you know an idiom or common phrase is being used in the sentence. The English language is annoying. You're a great English student and you know and understand all the English vocabulary being used but you get the meaning of the sentence wrong, because itโ€™s using an idiom.


February 13, 2020

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