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A young boy sat on a windows ledge. Tackle even the trickiest prepositions with our fun, hands-on method. Unlock English fluency secrets โ€“ follow and subscribe to our podcast today!

Fluency In English-Top 5 Prepositions For Smooth Everyday Conversations Ep 628

Discover our engaging English prepositions lesson that unlocks the secrets to using those pesky little words in conversations, boosting your language skills and fluency. Immerse yourself in our practical guide that simplifies complex prepositions, perfect for learners at any stage. With real-life examples and expert tips, this lesson helps you improve English fluency and communicate confidently. Dive into the world of prepositions and transform your spoken British English today!


March 30, 2023

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โณ Length 15 min

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A photo of a large ginger pussy cat on a fence. Improve your English grammar with these helpful tips!

Simple Tips to Improve Your English Grammar Ep 604

Boost your English skills with Adept English's insightful YouTube lesson! Delve into common English mistakes even natives make, like confusing 'there's' and 'there are.' Explore the nitty-gritty of Subject-Verb Agreement, Countable and Uncountable Nouns, and English Grammar Tips. Test your knowledge with an interactive English quiz and practical English practice exercises. Subscribe to Adept English on YouTube or Spotify for real-world examples that make learning effortless. Speak English fluently by focusing on the most common words in English. Visit adeptenglish.com for a free English course and improve your English listening practice today. Don't miss out!


January 05, 2023

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โณ Length 10 min

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A weathered brass plaque which says word. Watch this English video lesson if you want to learn how to use English contractions.

English Contractions Quick Guide For Beginners And ESL Students Ep 587

Boost your fluency and understanding of everyday conversations by learning English contractions with our easy-to-follow lessons! This unique English language podcast, available on YouTube, offers practical exercises, real-world examples and pronunciation practice. Our adept English lessons help you grasp English grammar contractions and improve English speaking skills. Take advantage of our free English language course online to speak English fluently. Dive into English language learning today!


November 03, 2022

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โณ Length 13 min

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A group of young adults drinking at a table at night. Are you learning English? Stop making these grammar mistakes before it's too late!

Fix 2 Common English Grammar Mistakes Ep 557

Improve your English skills with our comprehensive lesson that focuses on common mistakes in English grammar. Learn the correct use of singular, plural, and uncountable nouns, as well as the difference between I and me. Gain confidence in your speaking abilities by mastering these crucial grammatical concepts. Our engaging lesson will guide you through real-world examples, helping you avoid errors and enhance your English proficiency. Join us to refine your language skills and communicate with ease!


July 21, 2022

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โณ Length 15 min

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A couple falling out with each other. Some of the possible English phrasal verb combinations of the verb fall, and some examples.

Popular English Phrasal Verb Pairings-Fall Ep 551

English phrasal verbs explained. Today, our journey through the many possible phrasal verb combinations continues with the verb fall. We explore the most common use of fall in a phrasal verb, with lots of examples. Iโ€™ve included a short quiz at the end of the lesson so you can check if you have grasped the multitude meanings of fall as a phrasal verb. Please start listening before we fall out with each other, and take the quiz at the end of the lesson to check youโ€™ve got it. I hope you spotted that phrasal verb!


June 30, 2022

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โณ Length 16 min

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A photo of neighbourhood street party. In this lesson you will learn about conditionals: what they are, what their forms and meanings are, how to practice using them in conversation and how to avoid common mistakes that others make.

ESL English Grammar-The 4 Conditionals Explained Ep 540

English language learners often struggle with the English grammar concept of conditionals. In this lesson, Iโ€™ll explain the 4 conditional types in a straightforward way, along with examples of each type and its use. As a bonus, there is even a quiz at the end of the lesson to check you have improved your understanding.


May 23, 2022

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