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A young woman calling an uber at night. If you are serious about learning to speak the English language, you need to use proven strategies.

What My Uber Driver Reminded Me About Learning English Language Fluency Ep 490

Learning English or any other language as a second language is more about motivation, and the time you commit to learning, and what you are doing with that time than just about any other criteria. Today we talk about an Uber driver in Amsterdam, proof you or anyone can learn 2 or 3 new languages if you want or need too. The question is: Will you? We’ll help you find the motivation and the time to do it.


November 29, 2021

💬 Words: 2534

Length 13 min

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A lady standing in front of wall of old TV sets. As we Learn English Language through listening to interesting topics.

Learning English Language An Epic TV Series Ep 430

Today’s English language lesson we talk about TV series as we practice listening to English being spoken by a native English speaker. Although I watch less TV than I used to, I’m still watching various TV series being recommended to me, by friends, during the UK lock-down.


May 03, 2021

💬 Words: 2037

Length 11 min

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Could not resist using a great photograph of these lovely spring flowers. As we learn more English conversation through listening.

Spring Has Arrived Ep 419

Today we help you learn English conversation with a talk about Spring, gardens and flowers. Improving your English comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation is the focus of today’s lesson. So put on your headphones on and find 10 minutes to invest in your English language learning.


March 25, 2021

💬 Words: 2206

Length 12 min

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A photograph of a ultramarathon runner in the mountains during a workout. As we talk about the time it takes to learn to speak English.

Learning The English Language Is A Marathon Not A Sprint Ep 418

So how long does it take to learn to speak English? Learning to speak the English language is going to be a marathon, not a Sprint. Here at Adept English we help you get a great time for your marathon, but we cannot change the race into a sprint. Even when our brains were at peak language learning efficiency as very small children. Where our focus was totally on learning language and interacting with our parents, we still took many months to speak our first words.


March 22, 2021

💬 Words: 2844

Length 15 min

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A photograph of a happy indian student with smartphone learning sitting in university library. As we talk over the 7 rules of Adept English.

7 Rules To Learn English Language And Habits That Help Ep 403

As January comes to a close. I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. It’s technically still the start of the year so I thought I would talk with you about your English language learning plan for 2021. Starting from the beginning I want to talk you through the steps you should be taking and the English language learning habits that will make your life easier.


January 28, 2021

💬 Words: 2350

Length 12 min

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Sunset from Hushinish on the Isle of Harris in the Western Isle of Scotland and looking across to the isle of Scarp.

Learn About English Language Shortened Names Ep 394

So it’s cold and frosty in the UK today, but no snow and definitely not a white Christmas, so I guess the weather reporter got it wrong again. No surprise there. As for today’s English lesson, I thought I would do one to help explain how we shorten people’s names in the UK.


December 28, 2020

Created with the help of Zola and Bulma