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One of the changes we made in 2019 was introducing our audio podcasts to YouTube we did this so we could add our custom transcripts, that ship with every podcasts, to the audio and produce a video where you can listen and follow along with the English subtitles. We explained why in this blog post and it's the main reason we don't think you need a special mobile app to use our system of learning.

Well YouTube has, along side the like system, a comment system, and we noticed people were starting to comment on our work and our ideas, so we thought you might like to hear what they have to say.


Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for. Really enjoying your podcasts and your beautiful voice...


You have a lovely accent Hilary. I like to hear you when I'm driving to work. It's almost an exercise of meditation. And yeah, I'm Brazilian and lived different parts of my country and this changed the way I speak. It's part of me now. Part of my history. I hope this can occur in my English personal experiences, too.


Thanks God. I have found the best channel for learning English on YouTube.


GREAT! I listen everyday a podcast, read the transcript and then the words I find difficult to speak, I will repeat a couple of times, write them down etc... and words I don't know I will look up on the Internet with synonyms in the same language! This is much, much better than English courses on a school. Thank you Hilary.


Amazing, I'm from Albania and you are really helping me to learn English. Thank you.


Thanks ever so much Hilary! I'm Boubacar from Guinea Conakry


Thank you so much for your podcast!!!! I've just learnt the idiom "a storm in a teacup" I just loved it!!!


Good podcast


Hello Hilary, Thank you so much for your great videos.


Thank you so much for your great videos.


Hi Hilary, Good to see you here in first time. So. I often listen to your podcast in my phone everywhere and every time. Thanks a lot for everything.


What a great job you are doing... Simple and very effective. You changed radically my view to English learning and I improved myself a lot with such a short time with your 7 rules and podcasts. I bought your courses also, but more important than that you are providing these amazing podcasts freely, nearly 300, short and funny, effective. This is great! I am surprised to view amounts but not matter...

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