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Learn English Wedding And Marriage Ep 254

Today we learn about marriage and weddings in the UK. We talk about what type of marriage is possible in the UK and about some interesting marriage statistics. If you go to the website and look at the full article, you will find a bonus at the end which talks about the sad part of marriage.


August 26, 2019

💬 Words: 2495

Length 13 min

📮 speaking

IELTS Listening Practice Online Time In English Ep 228

Getting the time and giving the time of day is something we English speakers do all the time. So it’s important that you feel comfortable hearing and asking for the time in English and the good news is you can get this IELTS listening practice online in today’s podcast.


May 27, 2019

💬 Words: 2536

Length 13 min

📮 pronunciation

The Science Of How To Improve Pronunciation In English Ep 219

Today we explain some science behind “listen & learn” the best method of learning to speak English fluently.


April 25, 2019

💬 Words: 1999

Length 10 min

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Do I Need To Learn The British Accent Ep 217

British people expect you to talk funny because everyone in the UK speaks English differently. Being understood is far more important than you learning a specific British accent.


April 18, 2019

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