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Sunset from Hushinish on the Isle of Harris in the Western Isle of Scotland and looking across to the isle of Scarp.

Learn About English Language Shortened Names Ep 394

So it’s cold and frosty in the UK today, but no snow and definitely not a white Christmas, so I guess the weather reporter got it wrong again. No surprise there. As for today’s English lesson, I thought I would do one to help explain how we shorten people’s names in the UK.


December 28, 2020

💬 Words: 2026

Length 11 min

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A photograph of two older boys eating ice cream, and a jealous young boy looking at them.

Explore Envy And Jealousy As You Learn English Language Fluency Ep 384

I think Aristotle once said to be jealous is reasonable, but envy leads only to bad things. But you have to ask yourself why? Aren’t these the same things? Well no, we often confuse the meaning of these words and today we are going to spend some time explaining why they are different. Using some contemporary English language and explanations which will help you remember the difference, and of course we will improve your spoken English while you learn the English language.


November 23, 2020

💬 Words: 2614

Length 14 min

📮 listening

A side view full length portrait photograph of active senior couple running in park along lake. As we talk about longevity in our English lesson today.

Adept English Learning Language Skills Through Listening Ep 381

Living a long healthy, happy and meaningful life is something I assume all of us would want. But imagine if you lived to be 100, or even 1000? In today’s English language listening lesson we talk about longevity.


November 12, 2020

💬 Words: 1874

Length 10 min

📮 fluency

Prague at the sunrise, a beautiful city sets the backdrop to our discussion on facts about languages as we learn to speak English fluently.

Discover Interesting Language Facts As You Learn English Language Fluency Ep 362

In today’s English lesson our goal is to learn and improve English Language Fluency through listening to a topical conversation spoken by a native English speaker. As usual, we try to make the lesson interesting as we expect you to listen to the lesson several times, you can learn more about why we ask you to do this here.


September 07, 2020

💬 Words: 2105

Length 11 min

📮 listening

A photograph of a man wearing headphones as he listens to Adept English, learning to speak English.

Adept English Learning Language Skills Little And Often Ep 352

Whenever you set out to do something new, like learning to speak English, something you want to do that is not part of your life’s routine at the moment, you need to prepare yourself. If you want to do something new, like learning a language, then you need to decide what things you need to do, and focus on adding this additional set of routines to your daily life.


August 03, 2020

💬 Words: 2344

Length 12 min

📮 fluency

A photograph of friends drinking beer at the counter in pub, used in this English language lesson about pubs.

Discover Why Pubs Are So Important In This Learn English Language Lesson Ep 344

In today’s lesson we will focus on English language fluency. We often use a news story or something topical to help keep the English lesson interesting, and this week talk about English pubs reopening.


July 06, 2020

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