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📮 fluency

Digital art of translucent human heads with an efficiency meter. If you want to learn a language efficiently, then you need to focus on consistently working towards realistic goals.

How To Succeed In English Language Learning Ep 569

Today I’m going to share some useful ideas and tips for learning English. You’ve come here to improve your language skills, so today I have some practical tips and a philosophical idea that will help you improve your English language learning.


September 01, 2022

💬 Words: 2735

Length 14 min

📮 fluency

A photo of a gas meter and coins piled up. Do you want to learn how to speak English well? Then we can offer the most effective strategies to develop your English language skills.

If You Want To Speak English Fluently And Confidently-You Need To Listen Ep 534

Today we talk about living costs, rising energy bills and the impact of this on people’s lives. Whether you’re preparing for IELTS exams or just want to learn some new English vocabulary, we fill our podcast with tips and advice that will help you enhance your English-speaking skills.


May 02, 2022

💬 Words: 2733

Length 14 min

📮 grammar

A photograph of twin boys. Everything about Homophone. Confusing Words In English. This is a great place to go when you are stuck with grammar or confused by homophones.

Homophones-Avoid Mistakes With Confusing Words As We Learn The English Language Ep 494

Not knowing what a homophone is or what the common ones are could leave you sounding silly in your next English conversation. In today’s English grammar podcast we explain the problem, we help you practice spotting common homophones and we test you just to keep you on your toes as we learn how to speak the English language.


December 13, 2021

💬 Words: 2169

Length 11 min

📮 fluency

A young woman calling an uber at night. If you are serious about learning to speak the English language, you need to use proven strategies.

What My Uber Driver Reminded Me About Learning English Language Fluency Ep 490

Learning English or any other language as a second language is more about motivation, and the time you commit to learning, and what you are doing with that time than just about any other criteria. Today we talk about an Uber driver in Amsterdam, proof you or anyone can learn 2 or 3 new languages if you want or need too. The question is: Will you? We’ll help you find the motivation and the time to do it.


November 29, 2021

💬 Words: 2534

Length 13 min

📮 fluency

A lady standing in front of wall of old TV sets. As we Learn English Language through listening to interesting topics.

Learning English Language An Epic TV Series Ep 430

Today’s English language lesson we talk about TV series as we practice listening to English being spoken by a native English speaker. Although I watch less TV than I used to, I’m still watching various TV series being recommended to me, by friends, during the UK lock-down.


May 03, 2021

💬 Words: 2037

Length 11 min

📮 fluency

A photograph of a ultramarathon runner in the mountains during a workout. As we talk about the time it takes to learn to speak English.

Learning The English Language Is A Marathon Not A Sprint Ep 418

So how long does it take to learn to speak English? Learning to speak the English language is going to be a marathon, not a Sprint. Here at Adept English we help you get a great time for your marathon, but we cannot change the race into a sprint. Even when our brains were at peak language learning efficiency as very small children. Where our focus was totally on learning language and interacting with our parents, we still took many months to speak our first words.


March 22, 2021

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