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📮 listening

A photograph of a young man using video conferencing at a desk, used to help explain how technology has helped us in our English listening practice.

English Listening Practice How Technology Helps Us Ep 317

What on earth would we all do if we did not have the internet right now? That’s what today's English listening practice podcast talks about. Listening is the smart way to learn a new language, and we base our whole approach on our listen and learn system.


April 02, 2020

💬 Words: 1992

Length 10 min

📮 pronunciation

An iconic photograph of the British houses of Parliament. This lesson is focused on helping you understand British accents and the accent used is from a Welsh MP speaking in Parliament

British Accent Practice 2-Learning English Speaking Accents Ep 276

To speak English fluently with a British accent, you need a lot of listening practice. Not just any old listening, you will need to listen to natural English speakers with variations in accent. Today we focus on a Welsh accent, but as the lesson explains, even Welsh has several accent variations. So listen to this podcast and test your English listening skills!


November 11, 2019

💬 Words: 3441

Length 18 min

📮 fluency

Every Adept English lesson will help you learn to speak English fluently.

How Can I Improve My English 7 Essential Tips Ep 262

One of the biggest problems with the modern internet is that people often assume bigger is better. I’m here to argue that when learning how to improve your English language learning, quality is more important than quantity.


September 23, 2019

💬 Words: 2906

Length 15 min

📮 phrases

Every Adept English lesson will help you learn to speak English fluently.

Common English Words For Travel Ep 250

A lot of English language students confuse these common English words: travel, travelling, trip, journey, tour, voyage, cruise. So let’s find out why and listen to these common English words being used correctly.


August 12, 2019

💬 Words: 2070

Length 11 min

📮 speaking

Every Adept English lesson will help you learn to speak English fluently.

IELTS Listening Practice Online Time In English Ep 228

Getting the time and giving the time of day is something we English speakers do all the time. So it’s important that you feel comfortable hearing and asking for the time in English and the good news is you can get this IELTS listening practice online in today’s podcast.


May 27, 2019

💬 Words: 2536

Length 13 min

📮 idioms

Every Adept English lesson will help you learn to speak English fluently.

Six Of The Best English Cooking Idioms Ep 224

If you search for English language idiom articles on the Internet, you will find a lot of them titled; 100 idioms… or 1,000 idioms… or a million English idioms. They are useless, they are just a list of idioms with a basic description, they give you no value. You need not know 1,000 cooking idioms you need to know the 5-6 most commonly used today, right now in everyday English conversation.


May 13, 2019

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