We Think The Most Important Part Of Learning English Is Spoken English 

Being great at reading and writing English the language is not enough, speaking English is much more important

When people talk about learning the English language, they usually mean being able to write, read, and speak English. However, many people who learn via a traditional (I mean at a school, college or via some classes) approach to English teaching they will almost certainly spend most of their time learning to read and write.

The spoken part of the lessons will mainly be a word on its own or maybe a verbal phrase. Once the student leaves the classroom, practice of speaking English is tiny. For most students who learn this way, they pass their exam and put a big tick in the ‘I know English‘ box.

Spoken English

Young Girl Listening To Spoken English

As soon as you go out into the real world to try your new English language skills, you realise that speaking English is the part you need to be good at to get on in life. You spent the least amount of time working on speaking English in regular English conversation.

Today you can use Google translate  for an important email at work; you can spell check an email using an English spell checker. Any weakness in writing or reading English is manageable, and slowly over time becomes less of an issue.

You cannot hide your spoken English

It will become apparent almost immediately to a native English speaker that you are struggling.

Adept English is all about solving this particular problem. We focus entirely on spoken English. We have a free course and free podcasts  that show you how to solve this problem. And we have some paid courses once you want to take your English speaking practice to the next level.

We have lots of people who have followed our approach to learning to speak English. It works, you can ask them yourself over on our Facebook page or twitter.

You know we are going to pick the best possible comments from our users, but when you get one this good, it is impossible to resist.

I stopped translating …
Roba Hasina – Hotel Desk Administrator

Only after I started using the course did I realise how crazy it is that in classrooms you spend 90% of your time learning English words and grammar rules. 10% of your learning to speak English, saying one or two-word phrases.

With you, I spend 100% of my time listening and understanding English conversation. I stopped translating from Arabic to English in my head. I just know the English rules automatically; you can hear it sounds funny when you get it wrong.

Roba gets why our system works for spoken English.


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