A Chat About Vaping Helping You To Learn English Conversation Ep 279

A photograph of a beautiful young woman blowing vape smoke looking cool and making vaping look cool. An image used to help explain what vaping is and also learn English conversation.

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How To Learn English Conversation

A lesson on vaping? Not really, today the lessons topic might be on e-cigarettes but really this English lesson is about how you learn English conversation. The key to improving your English conversation skills is listening to native English speakers in conversation and not just once but listening to English being spoken lots of times.

Now here at Adept English we know that listening to a lesson more than once is unlikely, especially if the English lesson is boring! So we make every one of our lessons interesting enough for you to listen to it several times and that is why we have an English lesson that’s talking about vaping and not conjunctive adverb, adverbial conjunction, or subordinating adverb BORING!

Now you might not smoke, or vape and think “I don’t care about vaping!” Remember there is so much more learning taking place than learning some facts on the lessons topic.

By listening to this English conversation you will listen to over a 1000 English vocabulary words. You will learn about UK youth culture, some interesting facts on the health-related issues of vaping. You will hear and learn the correct pronunciation of English phrases and more!

Because this English lesson is in a story format, your brain is more receptive to focusing on the words and grammar and your brain is more likely to store the information it hears in long-term memory, just what you need to automatic and fluent recall of vocabulary.

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Transcript: A Chat About Vaping Helping You To Learn English Conversation

Hi there and welcome to this podcast from Adept English. We are a really good resource for you, if you want to learn English. Conversation in English is likely to be much easier for you, if you do lots of listening to spoken English material. It’s a powerful way to learn conversational English.

What is Vaping?

So how about we cover a topical issue today as one of our English conversation lessons? What about the subject of ‘vaping’? ‘Vaping’ is spelt V-A-P-I-N-G and the word is a noun, it’s an action – and it comes from the verb ‘to vape’. So ‘to vape’, V-A-P-E means to smoke e-cigarettes. So the verb ‘to smoke’ can mean to give off smoke, like a burning building would. And wherever there is fire, something burning, there will be smoke. Smoke, S-M-O-K-E is the cloud, which comes from a fire.

If there’s something burning, you can usually tell, you can smell the smoke with your nose. But the verb ‘to smoke’ also means the action you do when you have a cigarette. And cigarettes are the little tubes of tobacco which you put in your mouth and you light them to get nicotine. Think of Camel, or Marlboro, Gitanes or Parliament, Dunhill or Lucky Strike. They’re all types of cigarette which are popular around the world.

But if you ‘vape’ or smoke an e-cigarette, it means that instead of smoking a traditional nicotine cigarette, you’re using a replacement. A ‘replacement’ means something that stands in place of – so e-cigarettes are used instead of traditional cigarettes which contain tobacco, when people are trying to stop smoking, or when they want to reduce the bad effect on their health. The ‘e’ in e-cigarettes just stands for ‘electronic’. So it’s a bit like the ‘e’ in email is for ‘electronic mail’.

When did Vaping Start?

E-cigarettes started to be popular from 2007 onwards. People can find it really difficult to give up, to stop smoking, even though it’s very bad for your health and it shortens your life. So when e-cigarettes were invented, people thought it was a really good thing. E-cigarettes were seen as a more healthy alternative. And apparently, there’s no doubt, even today that there are fewer harmful chemicals in e-cigarette vapour than in normal cigarette smoke. So it’s still better to smoke e-cigarettes than normal cigarettes. However, this doesn’t mean that e-cigarettes are safe.

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Problems with Addiction

One of the problems is that e-cigarettes have not been around that long, so we are still finding out what the health concerns are, and what the health effects are from e-cigarettes. One of the problems with e-cigarettes, is that they still contain nicotine. That’s the chemical in ordinary cigarettes which is addictive. ‘Addictive’, A-D-D-I-C-T-I-V-E means something that’s difficult to stop, even if you want to. Alcohol can be addictive, nicotine can be addictive – so can lots of other substances. So the problem with vaping is, that it maintains your addiction, it keeps you feeling that you ‘just need more nicotine’. And in fact, it can make your addiction worse because some e-cigarettes give you even more nicotine than an ordinary cigarette. So you can end up with more of an addiction than you had before. Research suggests that actually, rather than helping people to give up ordinary cigarettes, lots of people end up just smoking both traditional and e-cigarettes – so they have a bigger problem than they had before!


A photograph of two young people smoking e-cigarettes outside. The image is used to highlight that vaping is very popular with young people.

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There is also a concern in that young people, certainly in the US have taken up smoking e-cigarettes, when probably the messages around ordinary cigarettes would have put them off. If you’re ‘put off’ doing something, it means that the idea seems less positive, you are less likely to do it. A study in 2015 amongst students in American High Schools found that smoking e-cigarettes had increased by 900%. The problem is that the e-cigarettes come in fruit flavours and are sold in a way which is appealing to teenagers.

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Health Problems with Vaping are Emerging

Back to our subject. As of September this year, there were in the US six confirmed cases of death due to e-cigarette smoking and 450 cases of serious lung problems. In many of these cases, it was found that e-cigarettes which contained THC – that’s the substance in cannabis – this was...these were implicated. ‘Implicated’ means there seems to be an association, but we’re not absolutely sure yet. There also seem to be problems with particular flavours of e-cigarettes. In the US, flavours like ‘popcorn’ or ‘caramel’, which definitely will appeal to children and young people are thought to contain particularly dangerous chemicals. The chemical thought to be responsible, diacetyl, is actually banned under UK law though.

More Controls in the UK

So the problem in the UK doesn’t seem to be as bad – perhaps partly because EU law puts strict limits on the amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes and there’s less of a problem with ‘street vape’ products. This means vape liquids that you buy from unregulated sellers on the street. ‘Unregulated’ means that they’re not following laws, not following rules, so all kinds of things could have been added to the vape liquid.

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So it seems sensible to be cautious in the use of e-cigarettes. They’ve only been around a relatively short time – and therefore the longer term effects on health are unknown. So if you’re thinking of giving up smoking, you might want to consider using another method rather than this one.


So there you have it. Some information about e-cigarettes to help you learn English! Conversations about smoking, e-cigarettes and maybe general health will be easier with the vocabulary that you’ve heard today.

Enough for now. Have a lovely day. Speak to you again soon. Goodbye.

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PS: A Final Comment

So in looking through various boring documents like this gov.uk vaping-in-england to check my facts as best I could. I came away feeling like most people think vaping when regulated is a much better idea than smoking normal cigarettes.

It’s been over 10 years since vaping started and although there are issues in the news about people vaping and getting ill or even dying they seem to be rare. I’d also say that not that many people can afford to smoke in the UK Tesco pricing and just look at the images on those packets, disgusting! It’s a strange way to spend money, literally making your money go up in smoke!

The biggest surprise I found is that nearly all these e-cigarette products target young people. It also seems that big tobacco corporations own these new vape products. Based on the history of big tobacco I’d say this is not a great combination, and we need UK regulation right now, to control an addictive substance before we end up with a new generation of smoking addicts.




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