Welcome To Neom A City Of The Future-English Listening Practice Ep 664

An AI image of what NEOM could look like. Unlock English with NEOM! Grasp the British accent, while exploring Saudi Arabia's vision for the future!

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What if Your English Listening Lesson Took You Into Tomorrow?

Strap yourself in for a linguistic journey of epic proportions! Tackle English while soaring through the towering skyscrapers of the future's NEOM project. Dive into British accents, wrestle with consonants and get the low-down on the secret facets of this stunning endeavour. Forget dull textbooks - we're taking English to the next level. Ready for the ride?

📚 With our Adept English lesson, you will:

  • Improve your English skills while exploring a future world 🌍
  • Uncover the wonder of a city running on 100% renewable energy 🌞
  • Understand the British accent in a fun, engaging manner 🇬🇧
  • Get informed about the world's futuristic city developments 🏙️

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Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.
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The beauty of this lesson is that it caters to your natural curiosity. You'll be engaging with the content on a deep level, effortlessly absorbing new vocabulary and language structures. As you dive deeper into the narrative, you'll also be practising your listening skills, essential for understanding spoken English in the real world.

Moreover, this lesson focuses on the British accent, enabling you to tune your ears and gain comfort with different variants of English. And the detailed explanations about tricky consonant pronunciations? Those are stepping stones that'll help you speak English more naturally and confidently.

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More About This Lesson

Welcome to an engaging English language lesson that not only polishes your British accent but also introduces you to the stunning world of Saudi Arabia's Neom Project. This innovative city of the future is your playground for learning English. Are you ready for an adventure?

Learning a new language not only expands your ability to communicate, but it also opens your mind to new possibilities.
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Things you will learn in today's English listening lesson:

  1. Adept English Consonant Pronunciation Course. Pronounce English consonants like a pro.
  2. Definition of 'Infrastructure', 'Residents'. Learn key terms: 'Infrastructure', 'Residents'.
  3. The pronunciation of 'Sindalah', 'Yachts', 'Oxagon', 'Trojena'. Master tricky words: 'Sindalah', 'Yachts', 'Oxagon', 'Trojena'.
  4. Explaining 'The Line' in simple language. Understand complex ideas: Grasp 'The Line'.
  5. Explaining 'Desalinate' and its significance in the project. Grow your vocabulary: 'Desalinate'.
  6. Discussion of controversial topics in English. Debate in English: Tackle controversies.
  7. Explanation of 'sceptic', context usage. Get to grips with new words: 'sceptic'.
  8. Unpacking 'Net zero' and its global importance. Delve into environmental terms: 'Net zero'.
  9. Understanding the pronunciation of 'Huwaitat'. Pronounce tricky words: 'Huwaitat'.
  10. Explaining 'Quality of life', context usage. Define well-being in English: 'Quality of life'.

Benefits of our listen & learn approach to learning

This lesson gives you the unique opportunity to learn English while exploring the captivating Neom Project. As you delve into this futuristic narrative, you'll be improving your listening skills and pronunciation, particularly of tricky consonants. Most importantly, you'll be gaining a comfortable understanding of the British accent. Worries about complex vocabulary or rapid speech? We've got it covered!

  • The NEOM project, a $500 billion initiative, is one of the most ambitious globally.
  • Being exposed to various accents like British English can significantly improve your overall language comprehension.
  • Engaging with a real-world topic like NEOM enhances your understanding and retention of English.
Words are a lens to focus one's mind.
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Immerse yourself in English learning through the fascinating narrative of the Neom Project. This lesson is about more than language acquisition; it's about using English to explore a future that's unfolding in the desert of Saudi Arabia. With every lesson, you'll be stepping closer to English fluency and understanding the nuances of the British accent.

Come, join us and have fun learning to speak English fluently. Don't just learn English, live it! Through our podcast lessons, you will uncover the lots of interesting topics while refining your language skills.

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Questions You Might Have...

Imagine the excitement of discovering a new world, just like exploring the spectacular wonders of the Neom Project. Every new English word, every British accent you learn is like unearthing a hidden treasure, illuminating your path in this mysterious and fascinating linguistic landscape. As a curious traveller on this journey, every step you take brings you closer to the majestic skyline of English fluency. Dive into the sea of British English, let its waves refine your language skills, and ride the tides to the city of eloquence.

  1. What is the Neom Project in Saudi Arabia? The Neom Project is an ambitious plan by Saudi Arabia to build a futuristic city that's entirely powered by renewable energy. This city, stretching across the desert, promises a new model of urban living where everything is within a five-minute walk.
  2. How can listening to a podcast about the Neom Project help improve my English language skills? Listening to this podcast will not only keep you engaged with an intriguing topic, but it also allows you to hear English being spoken naturally. You'll pick up the rhythm and pronunciation of the British accent, helping you speak English more fluently.
  3. Does this podcast help with English pronunciation? Yes, the podcast aims to help you perfect your English pronunciation. Particularly focusing on consonants, it provides extensive coverage of words you need to know, helping you gain confidence in your spoken English.
  4. Will I understand the podcast if I'm a new English language learner? Absolutely. The podcast is designed to be easy to understand, with the intention to build your English language skills gradually. Plus, with the captivating topic of the Neom Project, you're bound to stay engaged!
  5. How often should I listen to this podcast to improve my English fluency? Consistent listening is key to improvement. Try to listen to the podcast multiple times, as this repetition will help you understand and remember more words, phrases, and pronunciation nuances.

Most Unusual Words:

  • Sindalah: This is a place or person's name.
  • Yachts: Expensive boats used for leisure or racing.
  • Oxagon: This term does not exist in English, it's being used as a place name. It's a play on "Octagon", which is a shape with eight sides.
  • Desalinate: The process of removing salt from seawater to make it suitable for drinking or irrigation.
  • Sceptic: A person who questions or doubts something, like a concept or a system.
  • Net zero: A state in which the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is balanced by the amount removed.
  • Huwaitat: This seems to be a proper noun, likely referring to a tribe or place.
  • Neom: A region in Saudi Arabia being developed as a futuristic city.
  • Futuristic: Having or involving very modern technology or design.

Most Frequently Used Words:


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Transcript: Welcome To NEOM A City Of The Future-English Listening Practice

Let’s talk about NEOM again

Hi there. In today's podcast, we're going to explore a city of the future, where everything you need is just a five-minute walk away. Can you imagine living in a skyscraper lying on its side or vacationing on an island paradise, luxurious yet run entirely on renewable energy? Or even skiing in a mountain resort, but warm enough for guests to have open-air bedrooms? This is no sci-fi movie. this is Saudi Arabia's Neom Project, where ‘the future is being built today’. If this sounds familiar to you, a while ago, in podcast 566 I talked about ‘The Line’ and ‘the Neom Project’ in Saudi Arabia. A huge number of you were intrigued by this project. And with such an interest in the topic that I thought today I would give you an update. How about we explore the progress of this amazing project? I’ll spark your imagination, while remembering, we're also here to sharpen your English language skills, particularly focusing on the British accent. And stay tuned, as towards the end, I'll be talking about some of the things which aren’t reported in the marketing literature. As with most things, there’s two sides to the story.

Hello, I’m Hilary, and you’re listening to Adept English. We will help you to speak English fluently. All you have to do is listen. So start listening now and find out how it works.

If you haven’t listened to podcast 566 - do go and have a listen - and you’ll find it’s all about amazing plans to construct a futuristic city in the desert. And the building brings with it new models for living in the 21st century and beyond. It really does sound like something from a Sci-Fi movie, but the reality is that people should be visiting and living in the first district of this new city - the Hidden Marina - by 2030. That original podcast 566 went out in August last year, so let’s have an update and learn some more about it today.

Don’t forget your English pronunciation!

First of all, remember, we've got you covered when it comes to mastering English consonant pronunciation. For people who want to speak English more confidently. Consonant pronunciation is challenging and difficult in English - but all aspects of this are covered by the Adept English Consonant Pronunciation Course. It does cover absolutely everything - all the odd words you need to know. This is available on our website at adeptenglish.com.

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Some quick facts about Neom

For those of you who haven’t heard the previous podcast, let me bring you up to speed. ‘The Line’ is a city of the future, stretching 105 miles across the desert, sheathed in mirrored glass, and part of Saudi Arabia's ambitious project called 'Neom', NEOM. Essentially, imagine a skyscraper, but instead of going upwards, it stretches out on its side across the desert. Quite a fascinating idea, isn't it? And imagine living in this futuristic city without cars - can you picture having everything you need just within a five-minute walk? So it’s going to be a city, 105 miles long and covering 13 square miles of land. If you want to travel along The Line, there will be high-speed trains, and the longest journey time will be ‘no more than 20 minutes, it’s claimed. Unlike in many Sci-Fi movies, the building will be open at the top to let in the sunshine. And there will be parks and gardens and green spaces inside this city to make it pleasant and ensure good ‘quality of life’. How would you feel living in a city that runs on 100% renewable energy? That would be something most people would feel good about! And it’s much easier to do that if it’s in the design from the start. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is keenly aware of his country’s wealth depending upon oil and that if Saudi Arabia is going to remain a rich country, this source of income must be replaced. The hope is that The Line and other parts of the NEOM project will attract residents - that means ‘people who live there’ and tourists from around the world to boost the Saudi Arabian economy.


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Where is Neom up to now?

So did you know that 20% of the infrastructure for the Neom project is already complete? Imagine the scale of what's yet to come? The word ‘infrastructure’, INFRASTRUCTURE means the underlying foundations of buildings - that means the parts that need to go into the earth, the essential underlying work for transport systems, water and electricity. That’s what we mean by ‘infrastructure’. So 20% of that apparently is already built. And the plans for this new urban way of living are coming gradually to life.

Project Neom - Sindalah

‘The Line’ is the centrepiece of NEOM, but there are other fantastic parts to it too. Are you ready to pack your bags in 2024 for the luxury island of Sindalah, the first part of the project to be completed? That’s SINDALAH, if you want to look it up. This holiday resort ‘SINdalah’ or ‘SinDALah’, I’m not sure, it will be on the Red Sea and will aim to attract premium holiday makers and people with yachts - that’s YACHTS. Hmm, perhaps that isn’t going to be my holiday plan then! But the pictures do look amazing! Three different luxury hotels will be part of this vision The project takes advantage of the year-round sunshine and the warm temperatures of the Red Sea and there will be yachting, scuba diving, a sports club, a health spa and it’s hoped 2,400 visitors a day as early as 2028. And at the same time, the promise is that all of this is offered on a strictly sustainable basis. No damage must be done to the environment surrounding this luxury island and it will run on renewable energy.

Project Neom - Oxagon

The part of this project where it’s planned that business and commerce will take place - is called ‘Oxagon’, OXAGON. This will be a ‘floating port city’ on the Red Sea - octagon-shaped, of course - that means ‘a regular shape with 8 sides’. Wouldn't it be astounding to see a floating city powered primarily by renewable energy, breaking away from our dependence on oil and fossil fuels? But this is the plan - powered by renewable energy and ‘minimally dependent upon oil and fossil fuels’. It’s said that Oxagon will be ‘the world’s largest floating structure’. It’s hoped that it will also be a ‘hub’, HUB - that means ‘a centre’ for trade and commerce, creating jobs and economic growth. And the statistic is quoted that ‘13% of the world’s trade passes through the Suez Canal, nearby’.

Project Neom - Trojena

The most difficult-to-believe part of this project is perhaps ‘Trojena’ or it might be ‘Trojena’, TROJENA. Here the plan is to build an ‘open air ski resort’, in the Sarawat Mountains, which is planned to open by 2026. My first thought was ‘how on earth do you create something that is cold enough to be a ski resort in the desert’? But it is actually in the mountains. But the promise again here is that it will be done sustainably, using wind and solar energy. ‘Solar’, SOLAR means ‘generated by the sun’. So ‘Trojena’ or ‘Trojena’ will be set in a mountain retreat and the ski resort will be ‘open air’, meaning that the guest bedrooms will be ‘open to the air’. There will also be mountain biking, water sports and world-class health and well-ness spas. And also an ‘interactive nature reserve’. For Trojena, there will be a calendar of different seasons for visitors - a ‘Winter Season’, where the focus is on skiing, a ‘Lake Season’ which covers the summer, where the focus will be on ‘culture, music, art and food’ and there will also be ‘Wellness Season’, where the focus is on the spa facilities, health and well-being.

It all sounds absolutely fantastic - if they can pull this off, if the project succeeds, it will be amazing.

Listening Lessons

Sceptics give their opinions on Project Neom

But since I last talked about this project, there have been some news stories around ‘the darker side of NEOM’, the less attractive side of the story, perhaps. sceptics of the project from around the world are beginning to speak out. A ‘sceptic’, sceptic is someone who is ‘sceptical’, disbelieving in other words. There are scientists challenging the notion that enough food supply can be generated locally to feed the people living in a development like ‘The Line’. And the ‘Saudi Green Initiative’ has been criticised for having the target of ‘net zero by 2060’ and actually planning to increase oil production, rather than decrease it in the short term. Many countries are aiming for ‘net zero’ rather sooner than this, though how many countries get there, remains to be seen, of course.

Can desalination run on renewal energy?

The project also depends a great deal on desalination plants being able to be powered by renewable energy. The verb ‘To desalinate’, DESALINATE means ‘to remove the salt’ from water of course. And this is how desert countries like Saudi Arabia arrive at having enough fresh water - through industrial processes to remove salt from seawater. Apparently, this has never been done successfully using renewable energy - so there’s some scepticism about whether this is actually achievable - and this is clearly fundamental to the whole project.

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And what about the effect on local people?

There’s also been criticism because ancient tribes occupy the land. One tribe in particular, the Bedouin Huwaitat - that’s HUWAITAT - they risk being displaced from their traditional land, from their traditional territory, by this project. And there are reports of violence and people being forced from the land. Another criticism is that the project is clearly for rich people - and it is going to be of limited benefit to anyone who isn’t super-rich. The project promises to create jobs and generate wealth in this underdeveloped region. But for the people already living in this region, the nomadic Bedouin Huwaitat tribe for instance and the local population - they’re perhaps unlikely to see any benefits from this project. And they could potentially see quite a lot of harms.


Controversial perhaps? Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to listen to this podcast a number of times to practise your English!

Enough for now. Have a lovely day. Speak to you again soon. Goodbye.

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