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A montage of UK newspaper logos. Increase your English fluency. Learn the most common words and phrases that British people use in conversations.

10 Minutes Of News In Perfect Understandable English Ep 582

Dive into our unique Adept English lessons and immerse yourself in global news while enhancing your English vocabulary and grammar skills. Using real-world news, our English language podcast offers an engaging way to boost your listening comprehension and pronunciation. Equip yourself with the right tools to communicate complex events effectively. Learn English online with our free English course, perfect for ESL learners. Start your journey to fluent English today!


October 17, 2022

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2558

โณ Length 13 min

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An angry man using a hacked laptop. In today's Englis listening podcast we talk about why human psychology makes guessing passwords easy.

Learning The English Language Of Online Security Ep 581

Join our engaging Adept English Podcasts and boost your English vocabulary while exploring crucial tips about online password security. This unique English lesson brings language learning and cybersecurity together. Immerse yourself in our practical Internet safety English vocabulary session. With our interactive content, you'll be enhancing your English listening skills and learning valuable online security practices. Discover the fascinating world of cybersecurity English lesson, and make your learning experience even more enriching.


October 13, 2022

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2652

โณ Length 14 min

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A photo of a young TikTok user shushing. Imagine a world where you do less work and get more free time, feel happier, and get paid the same.

A Workplace Trend That Went Viral On TikTok Ep 577

Dive into this engaging Adept English lesson and learn about the intriguing concept of 'quiet quitting'. Enhance your English language skills while getting familiar with workplace vocabulary, exploring the gig economy, work-life balance, and post-pandemic work culture. Our beginner-friendly lessons make English learning fluent and fun. Experience improved English speaking and listening skills, and gain insight into trending English expressions like 'quiet quitting'. Let's navigate the modern workplace together!


September 29, 2022

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 1903

โณ Length 10 min

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Digital art of future green living. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is close to achieving an ambitious goal. It has announced plans to build a mega city that will cost more than $500 billion.

Your News In Slow English Today Takes A Look At The Future Of Living Ep 566

Join us in our intriguing English vocabulary lesson as we explore The Line, a futuristic city part of Saudi Arabia's NEOM Project, and Vision 2030. This lesson offers a unique way to enhance your English fluency with engaging discussions around futuristic city concepts. Dive into the world of advanced English vocabulary while discovering Saudi Arabia's ambitious projects. Perfect for English listening practice and learning English online.


August 22, 2022

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2888

โณ Length 15 min

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Digital art showing a montage of bank of England and inflation charts. Understanding the many English money and economic phrases will help you in your business dealings.

English Money And Economic News Phrases It Helps To Know Ep 564

Learn English Money and Economic News Phrases with Adept English! This lesson helps you understand the recent interest rate hikes in the UK and worldwide, while improving your economics vocabulary. Master essential terms like inflation, mortgage, and disposable income. Perfect for IELTS test prep and everyday English conversations. Boost your fluency and pronunciation as we discuss the impact of current events on our finances. Join us and stay updated on global economic trends while enhancing your English skills.


August 15, 2022

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 3000

โณ Length 15 min

๐Ÿ“ฎ phrases

A photo of a group of uni students friends walking and talking. Improve your English listening and reading comprehension skills with todays advanced English vocabulary lesson.

If You Want To Understand English News This Is A Great Place To Start Ep 561

Learn advanced English vocabulary with this Adept English podcast lesson. Improve your listening and speaking skills, understand formal English words, idioms, and newspaper article vocabulary. Enhance your English pronunciation skills and fluency through our Course One: Activate Your Listening. This lesson helps you in understanding difficult vocabulary and offers effective English conversation practice. Discover the power of English language learning with real-life articles. Join us and unlock your path to fluency!


August 04, 2022

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