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A young lady holding an umbrella in the pouring rain. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your English skills. Follow and subscribe to our podcast today!

Learn British English Weather Phrases And Vocabulary For Engaging Conversations Ep 620

Boost your English language learning with Adept English! Dive into British English phrases and idioms about weather, enhancing your English speaking practice. This English podcast for learning offers engaging insights into UK weather conversation, perfect for English for beginners. Explore the nuances of British culture and weather discussion while improving your English fluency. With a focus on English listening skills, learn British expressions and weather phrases in English. Ideal for learning English conversation and British accent learning, this lesson provides an immersive English language experience. Learn British weather phrases to start conversations easily; listen to Adept English and improve your English vocabulary weather knowledge. Learn English online with ease!


March 02, 2023

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2514

โณ Length 13 min

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A photo of a happy person who found their keys. Don't miss out on our next Learn English Through Listening episode. Subscribe now for more English language tips and tricks!

Speak Like A Native With These Essential British English Verbs Ep 618

Discover the subtle differences between 'to see', 'to look', and 'to watch' in this engaging Adept English lesson. Ideal for ESL learners, this English verbs tutorial delves into common English verbs, offering clear explanations and examples. Enhance your English verb usage and vocabulary with our listen-and-learn approach, perfect for those learning English online. Engage in English listening practice and improve your speaking skills through our unique English language podcast. This lesson, part of our series on mastering English verbs, includes a fun English language quiz to test your understanding. Join us and step up your English language learning journey!


February 23, 2023

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 3066

โณ Length 16 min

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A close up of a female face. Learn English With Native Speakers-Improve Your English Pronunciation And Vocabulary!

Use Native English Speakers To Help Improve Your Pronunciation Vocabulary And Intonation Ep 613

Boost your winter well-being and improve your English fluency with Adept English! Dive into this eye-opening lesson where we explore the impact of Vitamin D and mindset on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in UK winters. Our interactive session not only sharpens your English vocabulary but also provides real-world English lessons filled with winter health tips, NHS guidelines, and insights into British culture. Learn how to uplift your immune system, get cozy in the wintertime, and tackle the UK winter blues. Weโ€™ll also journey to Tromsรธ, within the Arctic Circle, to uncover health psychology insights. Enhance your English listening skills while gaining valuable knowledge on mental health, weather vocabulary, and the most common 500 words you need for everyday conversations. This is more than just an English lesson; it's a winter survival guide!


February 06, 2023

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2913

โณ Length 15 min

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A photograph of a person binge watching Netflix. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your English vocabulary skills now!

Captivate Your English Listeners With Fun And Engaging Vocabulary Ep 610

Boost your English vocabulary by exploring vivid words that express excitement and enthusiasm; listen to Adept English's lesson to speak more expressively. Dive into English Synonyms and go beyond just saying 'I'm excited.' Enhance your English Listening Practice and Vocabulary Expansion through real-world examples. Ideal for English for Beginners and those looking to level up their Advanced English Vocabulary. Learn English through Listening and immerse yourself in British English culture with this engaging English Podcast. Whether you're learning English online or craving English Language Acquisition, this lesson covers it allโ€”English Phrases, English Adjectives, and English Expressions. Elevate your ability to speak English fluently today!


January 26, 2023

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2423

โณ Length 13 min

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A photo of a female doctor. This English lesson will review news articles from around the world in an easy-to-follow format.

Learn English-Slow News Articles From Around The World Ep 609

Improve your English fluency with Adept English! Dive into our English Language Lesson, offering enriching Listening Practice as we discuss Current Events like Women in Afghanistan, Mental Health issues, and Private Healthcare in the UK. Explore diverse topics from Population in China to Birth Rate, and even quirky Australian News like Toadzilla. This English Podcast helps you Learn English and Speak English Fluently while gaining valuable English Vocabulary. Perfect for those keen on News in Slow English. Learn and listen now!


January 23, 2023

๐Ÿ’ฌ Words: 2686

โณ Length 14 min

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A photo of a man working in a UK business. This English language lesson gives you the skills and knowledge to understand the nuances of UK business English.

What Opportunities Can You Unlock With UK Business English Ep 607

Unlock the key to fluent Business English with Adept English's comprehensive podcast. Delve into UK and US Business Structures, explore differences between Public and Private Sectors, and get acquainted with essential terms like Sole Trader and Partnership. Our practical guide covers everything from Tax and Business, Employment Vocabulary to HMRC and IRS procedures, simplifying Self-assessment in both the UK and US. Enhance your language skills for Small to Large Business settings, while also getting a grasp on State and Private School systems. Learn, listen, and speak English fluently while navigating the complex job markets of the UK and the US.


January 16, 2023

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