Before You Can Hold English Conversation

You Need To Understand & Recognise Much More English Language

Using ‘downtime‘ to practice your spoken English conversation is one of the best things about the “listen & learn” way of learning English conversation outside of the classroom. Think of all the times during the week that you are doing a job, cleaning the house, traveling to work, or jogging maybe even while you eat lunch, a place and time where you can wear headphones.

english conversation

Before You Can Hold English Conversation
You Need To Understand & Recognise Much More English Language

Just 20-30 minutes a day where you can listen to the Adept English English lessons. In the first week of hearing English, you will probably practice English conversation in your head more than a month in a classroom at school.

Adept English podcasts help with this type of English conversation practice. Best of all they are FREE! We put a new English lesson podcast online every Monday, you can find it on iTunes or if you use an Android phone in the USA Google play music or via Player.FM , Tunein, Sticher and probably more.

These podcasts are on all sorts of English topics and with over a 100 to choose from you will find a podcast of interest to you. If you want we can even send you a reminder email when a new podcast gets published.

So does this “listen & learning” work? As always we like to let our students tell you:

Things got much better …
Sandhya Chander – Call Center Operator

After learning English at school and doing some night classes to refresh my memory. I found I had remembered a lot of the vocabulary and grammar rules. But I couldn’t speak a full sentence. I could understand some of the English on TV and Radio, but I could not keep up.

Things got much better after using your course. I can practice over and over while on the bus to and from work. I’m keeping up with TV programs and know this is the right way to learn to speak English.

Most people forget they learned to speak their native language through listening (to mum & dad mostly). Once they had established an understanding, they could practice speaking (cute baby noises first!). At no point had they learned to talk through reading or writing!

Think about that the next time you listen to English conversation.

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