The UK is finally getting serious about limiting person-to-person contact to help prevent the spread of the Wuhan Virus. This is making it difficult for us to keep Adept English running, but not impossible. We expect to get our podcasts out as we normally do, they just may be a little later some days. So please keep listening.

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Learn To Speak English While Your Stuck At Home

With so many people self isolating at home, keeping yourself and your family, friends and partners entertained is definitely a challenge. Today we talk about what we are doing and what other people have said they are doing to keep themselves busy while locked away in the house.

Although this is more of an informal English conversation, what we would call a **chat**, the vocabulary and ideas are all valuable, it will definitely help you if you are spending some of your free time learning to speak English fluently.

Thank you for the emails we’ve received and comments on [YouTube]( and [Facebook](, we wish you all well in these challenging times, look after yourselves and those close to you. Be positive, worry about the things you can change and try to ignore the things you cannot change and let’s all use the time we have to do something positive.

A close up photograph of a mans hands while playing his guitar.

A close up photograph of a mans hands while playing his guitar.

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