With just about everyone now talking about the [SARS-CoV-2 (Virus type), COVID 19 (The disease)], more commonly known to all; of us as **The [coronavirus]**. It was only a matter of time before we mention it in our podcasts. So today we discuss the typical English vocabulary used when talking about COVID-19. We also describe what stage the UK is in preparing for the disease.

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The UK is a little behind many countries in terms of the spread of the disease. So we should have had more time to prepare for the inevitable increase in infections. But as usual, the people responsible for protecting us from this event did not use the extra time to prepare. So we are hearing about a “plan” that already seems out of date, and lots of discussions are taking place about how things will happen.

What we know is, just like in China and Italy and other countries we see on the news, the UK intends to “self isolate” (ask people who may have COVID-19, to stay at home) so they can presumably infect their family members and neighbours.

If that happens, then earning money to pay the bills will become a real problem for many people in the UK. [10% of the UK’s adults have no savings], so how they will survive being away from work for a month or more is unknown.

For all the problems with being at home, and all the worries you might have, it may well be good advice to focus on something you might enjoy. Maybe [learning]to speak English?

A photograph of a man with his eyes closed learning against an office window in London.

A photograph of a man with his eyes closed learning against an office window in London.

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