In this lesson we cut to the chase (An American idiom) and give you some solid advice on how you can practically improve your English speaking. As you might already know, we take a more modern approach to language learning here at Adept English. We always focus on high quality, interesting and engaging lessons that efficiently deliver results using modern learning techniques.

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“[Cut to the chase](” is a phrase that means to get to the point without wasting time.

Today is the Thursday lesson, which is usually the easier and shorter English podcast lesson. In this lesson we discuss some great tips on improving your spoken English. If you are here wondering why so many people [listen]( to our “Listen & Learn“ podcasts, all you have to do is spend 10 minutes listening and you can [decide]( for yourself.

With so many people listening to our podcasts and the number of visitors to our website climbing, we have spent a lot of time working on our new website. Some fun facts coming out of the work we are doing on our new and improved website.  We recently migrated all podcast transcripts from [WordPress]( (the website software we use) to plain old markdown files to prepare for our new way of doing things.

While we were doing this we worked out: `309 (Number of lessons) * 1500 (the average number of words in an Adept English podcast lesson) / 500 (The average number of words on 1 side of A4 paper)` = **927 pages** of Free English lessons, how awesome is that!


A photograph of a man talking with another language learner online to help practice speaking English.

A photograph of a man talking with another language learner online to help practice speaking English.

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