Today we will cover tenses in English conversation. If you don’t know what an English tense is, then jump right in as we explain it in the lesson. If you know about the 12 English language tenses, then you probably know it can be difficult using them in English conversation, and this lesson explains why and how to use English language tenses properly.

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Learning English-Conversations Using Tense

In most languages there is a subtlety that allows you to convey much more information if you say words in just the right way, English is no different. Today we discuss how you might tell someone in an everyday English conversation what your plans are for your evening meal.

Sounds nice and easy on the face of it but there may be more information in what your hearing, if you know what you are looking for when you hear the words in a [conversation]( In some ways this level of understanding shows you are progressing to the next level of English language fluency.

As always, the best way to absorb the information, and store it in your longer term memory, is to listen to the podcast lesson several times. Repeat listening is an important part of the learning process, not only to help you with remembering the information contained within the lesson but also to give you lots of practice hearing the differences in the words and language used.


A photograph of some decorative clocks which suggest plans for a time in the future used to help explain English tenses.

A photograph of some decorative clocks which suggest plans for a time in the future used to help explain English tenses.

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