One way Adept English differs from more traditional English language lessons is that we like to keep the lesson interesting in and of itself. Every one of our lessons helps you with learning to speak English, but each lesson should also give you a little insight into how we live here in Britain.

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How To Learn English Speaking

Today we have a listening exercise which talks about a traditional British cake. Given most people like cake it’s a sneaky way to keep you listening 🙂 So now you have no excuses not to listen to this lesson several times, which is important if you want to store what you learn in your longer term memory.

We spend a lot of time producing English listening material so you can improve your English speaking. If you are new to our [podcasts](, welcome, and if you don’t get why listening can be useful for learning to speak English, then we explain it all in our [free 7 rules of Adept English course](, which you can get [here](

We put a lot of learning and modern educational ‘science’ into our lessons and we have come up with a “Listen & learn” system of learning that works well for English language students who want to focus on the speaking part of learning English.

So no excuses. Jump in and listen. At the very least you will learn about cake mmm… cake.

A photograph of some nice hot cross buns because learning to speak English is more fun with cake.

A photograph of some nice hot cross buns because learning to speak English is more fun with cake.

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