Jumping into an informal conversation with English speakers is easy, you just need a plan and something to talk about. You could talk about an opinion, or a fact, something you feel you know enough about and as an English language student, you have the vocabulary and listening skills to maintain the conversation.

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Conversation With English Speakers

We want you to get out there and take some risks with your English speaking, but when you start, you need to do more planning and practice. Later on as you improve you can improvise, but when you start out, it’s best to plan and run through what you might talk about before you jump in.

It is a horrible feeling when you start a conversation you cannot finish, or you feel out of your depth and it makes you feel uncomfortable or the person you are talking to is uncomfortable.

To avoid this feeling, you need to plan ahead and spend time listening to English conversation. Today we give you a great English conversation example you can practice with, you need not remember everything you hear in this conversation, and if you don’t agree with what is said, just flip the opinion and take the other side, for example “I listened to a podcast today that I thought what they were saying was rubbish!”


A photograph clothes designer holding fabric textile in hands.

A photograph clothes designer holding fabric textile in hands.

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