In our English lesson today, we learn about some aspects of conversational English. Talking in casual conversations is different to writing in English. For example, when native English speakers talk informally, they often imply hint and suggest the answers expected when asking questions.

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English Talking In Casual Conversation

This is great if you can listen and understand enough of what is being said so you can understand/guess what the speaker is expecting. That’s why listening to native English speakers over and over helps, it pushes you build up how quick you are in understanding what is being said.

In some ways this manner of English conversation makes an English language learners life a lot easier. If the person you are speaking to simplifies the reply expected to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to a question, then all you need to do it understand what the speaker is saying and decide if your answer is a yes or no.

So are you ready to learn how to improve your casual conversations? (Hint: I’m expecting a yes here!)


A photograph of a man speaking on a mobile phone discussing travel in an English conversation.

A photograph of a man speaking on a mobile phone discussing travel in an English conversation.

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