Today we will talk about English sentences that make little sense unless you know an idiom or common phrase is being used in the sentence. The English language is annoying. You’re a great English student and you know and understand all the English vocabulary being used but you get the meaning of the sentence wrong, because it’s using an idiom.

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English Sentences

Unfortunately, the only way to stop yourself from treating what you hear literally, taking the words literally, is to **know** that there is an idiom or phrase involved. It takes time to gain the knowledge of enough everyday English idioms and phrases to avoid this problem.

Listening to normal everyday English conversations will help, but it takes time to experience the problem enough to learn from it. So today we cover some idioms we have experienced in our own conversations this week.

We like to keep a practical approach to learning, learning a list of 1000 idioms is not an efficient way to tackle the problem. You need to cover the most common idioms and phrases that cover the 20% of cases you will hear 80% of the time. The 80% of idioms you only hear 20% of the time you can learn over time through experience.

Our examples come from things people are saying in the UK right now. Sometimes when we are talking to friends or the postman or just about anyone, you might find us saying “oh excuse me I need to write what you just said down it would help make a great podcast…”


A slow motion caption of a roundabout with light streams showing cards travelling round and round the roundabout.

A slow motion caption of a roundabout with light streams showing cards travelling round and round the roundabout.

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