It’s 2 degrees Celsius here in London today and it feels colder because there is a steady wind. I hope you’re all warm and safe and ready to tackle the boring part of learning a language, and that is grammar. English like any other language has its own vocabulary to describe its own grammar rules. It helps to know what the most common of these words is and what they mean. In today’s English lesson we cover the most important and frequently used.

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Grammar, English Made Simple

If you are a regular listener, you will often hear phrases like “This is a noun, or that is a verb”, these words are just describing parts of English grammar and most people will have heard some or all of them and understand some or all of them.

However, it’s not fair to assume everyone knows what these words are. So today we explain the important ones to listeners who don’t know them, and for everyone else it’s a great way to confirm you know what it all means without having to pick up a book or a pen.

So next time you’re listening to one of our podcasts and you hear “preposition” or another English grammar term you can jump to podcast 301 and remind yourself what it’s all about. We have covered a lot of English grammar and have a whole collection of [grammar specific podcasts you can listen to].

A photograph of a young woman listening to podcasts while relaxing after running in the park in the morning

A photograph of a young woman listening to podcasts while relaxing after running in the park in the morning

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