One of the best ways of conditioning your brain to hear English and understand English is to listen to native English speakers. The more listening you can fit into your life the more automatic the understanding. The important thing it to listen to normal English conversations, the conversation you would have with friends.

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Conversations In English

The more diverse the topic the better, but keeping to everyday English vocabulary rather than specific vocabulary is the best approach. This is exactly why today’s English podcast lesson is an everyday English dialogue. It takes a simple topic (we talk about smart audio devices which listen to us like Alexa or Siri on iPhone) and we talk like a native English speaker would talk over a coffee to a friend in the UK.

Listening to this English audio will help with training your brain to store common English conversation vocabulary, it provides an example structure of how you might talk about your own topics in English. Who knows, you might even enjoy learning a little about Alexa and Siri.

Once you’ve listened to the audio several times, and can understand what’s being said without having to lookup words or replay parts of the audio, you are ready to join in on English conversations. At this stage your language part of the brain works quickly enough, listening and understandingg, your brain is on autopilot.

Now you have time to focus on what you will say (structuring vocabulary, phrases, idioms and grammar), how you need to say it (accent, pronunciation).


A photograph smiling young woman using a smartphone in the evening cityscape

A photograph smiling young woman using a smartphone in the evening cityscape

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