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We started the custom of giving Christmas cards in the UK in a long time ago, in 1843. [Sir Henry Cole] sent the first Christmas card. Sir Henry was a government worker who had helped build what is now the UK Post Office. To help promote the Post Office and get people to use it he sent a Christmas card and hoped others would do the same.
Today [Christmas cards are big business] with some 1 billion cards sent every year.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” author “Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play”

So even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the chances are you will sending or receiving a Christmas card if you live in the UK. Today we walk you through how you can support UK charities, organisations which support good causes while you join in the card sending British.

A photograph some cats who have been rescued sitting in a window with a sign asking for help, used to help explain the RSPCA mentioned in todays English Lesson.

A photograph some cats who have been rescued sitting in a window with a sign asking for help, used to help explain the RSPCA mentioned in todays English Lesson.

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